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I read fast. Like, super-fast. A book or two a day fast (when I have time, that is. It’s been greatly reduced lately). Because of that superpower, I’m always behind on my reviews, with no chance of ever catching up… except if I do a bunch of short reviews at a time and, taking inspiration from Twitter, do it in just 140 characters. Now, I’m not the first or only one to do this: check out Karen @ For What It’s Worth’s Short and Tweet reviews and TweetViews run by three librarians.

Had to double up on my Tweet-Short Reviews this week since I fell even further behind! At this rate, I’ll never-ever-ever catch up. *sigh*

12958049Blood Games (Chicagoland Vampires #10) by Chloe Neill

(Urban Fantasy, 350 pages, August 2014, NAL Trade)

I do love this series. Makes me miss Chicago (sans vamps, that is). Ethan’s playing politics, Merit’s working hard to keep it all contained, as usual. And eating, of course.


18745159Poison Promise (Elemental Assassin #11) by Jennifer Estep

(Urban Fantasy, 400 pages, July 2014, Pocket Books)

If I’m ever in trouble (or hungry), I hope Gin’s around. Girl protects what’s hers and feeds up her people right. V. intrigued by new BigBad threat.


20821001Wickedly Dangerous (Baba Yaga #1) by Deborah Blake

(Paranormal Romance, 352 pages, September 2014, Berkley)

Enjoyed the Baba Yaga myth update (though I miss the hut w/ chicken legs!). Yay for dragon dog! Wish it didn’t feel like author had environmental message to get across.


15808768The Kraken King (Iron Seas #4) by Meljean Brook

(Alt-Historical Steampunk, 576 pages, November 2014, Berkley)

Mad love for this serial-cum-novel. Zenobia is so feisty and independent; “Kraken King” Ariq turns out to be perfect man for her. Steampunk lurve, FTW!


22633363Beverly Hills Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer #6) by Angie Fox

(Paranormal Romance, 308 pages, June 2014, Angie Fox)

Cheesy, fun goodness in this series. Biker witch grannies, griffin relatives, an ancient cult complete with demon…this calls for a demon slayer!


21003754Peanut Goes to School (Elder Races #6.7) by Thea Harrison

(Paranormal Romance Novella, 55 pages, June 2014, Smashwords)

A cute story of Liam, fast-growing dragon son of Dragos and Pia, a natural protector who must learn self control. (But this cover is so disconcerting!)

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  1. I liked Blood Games, although I wish Neill had focused more on Ethan’s GP candidacy, and less on the Tarot murder mystery. And, you can never go wrong with an Elemental Assassin book! Poison Promise was good, but Black Widow was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, just wait ’til you get your hands on the next installment due out in November. 🙂
    Carmel @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Audiobook Review: Daring by Elliott JamesMy Profile

  2. I just never get tired of the Elemental Assassin series and Jennifer Estep never fails to surprise me with the strength of her villains. I can’t think of too many series I’ve stuck with into the teens that have featured the same character, normally the more successful series for me are those where each book focuses on a different couple, but I will never stop reading Gin! Definitely need to read The Kraken King too:)
    Jenny @ Supernatural Snark recently posted…The Rise of Aurora West Blog Tour: Review + Artwork RevealMy Profile

  3. I love this tweet-review idea. LOVE IT. ALSO: I’ve thought about starting the Chloe Neill series and the Jennifer Estep series – the fact that you’re still hanging in there and so high up in these series tells me that you like them and that makes me excited to still have them in mind to start one day (too many going on right now but ONE DAY). (:

    I completely agree that for those of us that read fast, the reviews can backlog. This is a great idea for you, Mary! So fun.
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  4. I just recently “read” (listened) to Dragon Bound and so I’m excited to hear Pia and Dragos’ son has his own little novella! Peanut! Yes, that is a disconcerting cover especially when the Elder Races is an adult series. I bought audio copies of the first Chicagoland Vamps series and Elemental Assassin so I’m thrilled to see you’re still reading the books that far into both series’. Wow 10 and 11 books?!
    Rachel recently posted…Review: Magnolia by Kristi CookMy Profile

  5. You know, I love Chicagoland Vamps so much, even after so many people I know abandoned it after The Big Thing that happens in book five or whatever. But I never got through book…nine? The one before this one. And now I hear there are like 3 more contracted! I love Merit and Ethan, but I kind of want them to have their HEA. I think I might wait until it’s concluded before I finish the series, a short book every six months (in which we have to talk to EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER and recap everything that’s happened before) is wearing on my nerves. Not that I don’t love everybody, but…I want to love them with less repetition.
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