Bloggiesta starting line and Harlequin’s SYTYCW!

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Hey, it’s Bloggiesta time again! I didn’t even realize. For me, this also means that it’s Greek Fest downtown, the only time of year when I eat gyros and baklava all weekend long (this most definitely tides me over until next September). Greek food, a Mexican-themed blog party, the Scottish referendum — it’s a multi-cultural weekend.

So, what are my goals for Bloggiesta?

1) Figure out what the hell I’m doing on WordPress. Every time I try to change something, I wind up screwing it all to hell. I don’t get WordPress and I need to know what I’m doing. *mutters* It can’t be that hard, Mary. You can do this.

2) Write ALL THE POSTS. As usual, I have so many reviews to do that I’m drowning. I won’t even tell you how far behind I am because I’m sure it will give some of you more organized and on-top-of-things people hives (hell, it’s giving me hives. It’s also making me curse a whole lot. A lot more, I mean.).

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While I missed the start of this (sorry! I’m doing terribly with scheduling lately.), I did want to share this cool opportunity!

The So You Think You Can Write (#SYTYCW) contest starts on September 15 and for one week only (Sept. 15-19), Harlequin is hosting a free online writing conference.

After completing the Harlequin writing boot camp, participants have the chance to submit a first chapter (5000 words max) and 100-word pitch to the series you have targeted starting September 22-October 1 for a chance to win the Ultimate Author’s Publishing Prize.

Prizing: One lucky writer will receive the Ultimate Author’s Publishing Prize from Harlequin. The grand prize winner will be offered a two-book series contract with the first book to be published digitally on or around Valentine’s Day 2015—print edition to follow. The winner will also celebrate success in style with a complimentary champagne dinner for two ($150 USD value).

Click here for itinerary of online conference aka Harlequin boot-camp events:

For complete rules and regulations, visit:

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11 Responses to “Bloggiesta starting line and Harlequin’s SYTYCW!”

  1. I’ve never heard of Blogeista but I’m basically the ostrich with her head in the sand way more than I’d like. I hate being behind so I feel your pain, Mary! I’m not super organized but sharing a blog makes it so I have to have the month scheduled out. That’s not to say I don’t have my days where I’m reading until 10pm and then slapping together a review. Gosh, I hate it when I do that! Anyhoo, I’m getting off track here. Can you tell I’m tired. Yes, that would be the reason for my rambling novella of a comment here! Sorry!

    I think the best part of your multicultural weekend is gyros! I love them. Although, margaritas should be part of your experience when you are doing a Blogeista! 🙂
    Rachel recently posted…Mini Review: The Beautiful Ashes by Jeaniene FrostMy Profile

  2. I know this sounds weird but being super organized is what gives me hives lol I do have a calendar to schedule posts but I just mark it as I write a review and go. The more I try to make it job like the more I rebel and hate it. I don’t do well with structure 🙂

    It helps that I’m not taking much for review anymore so I’m not behind or panicked or anything.

    Good luck!
    Karen recently posted…Top 5 Reasons to Love: Second Chance Ranch by Cindi MadsenMy Profile

  3. Cool contest! And bloggiesta itself always makes me break out in hives because I have so many little housekeeping things I’d like to do but never have time for, and I DON’T WANT TO DO THEM! I just want to read and sail on, in ignorant bliss. Good luck with your wordpress wrangling. I get frustrated with it too, but it has grown on me tremendously after watching a few youtube vids and figuring out how the back end works.
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