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This summer has been all about reading for me. I’ve read a book a day since my seniors graduated back in June (okay, sometimes, I didn’t finish a whole book in a day but sometimes, I finished two or three. Yes, I’m a really fast reader and, when I’m not fully invested in a book, I tend to skim it).

That’s over 60 books. That’s right. Sixty. It boggles my mind. It might even scare you — I know my friends (the IRL ones) don’t understand my obsession and whisper behind their hands about my crazy behavior but I’ve let my book geek flag fly and, really, I don’t give a shit anymore about what people think about my reading habits. (Anyone wanna give me a high five on that? Yes? No? *returns to book in hand*)

As awesome as this is, it also means I have way too many books to review. Books I want to tell you about but don’t want to overwhelm with multiple posts per day (I know I tend to mark those multi-poster posts as “read” without reading them. Yeah, today’s a day of honesty for me. Could be the Scotch I had before starting this post… Maybe I should drink it more often… Or not because I see I’m rambling but I can’t seem to hold it in… bear with me. I’m getting there.).

So, I’m going to take inspiration from one of my favorite social media outlets: Twitter. Just 140 characters per book review. I’m not the first or only one to do this (check out For What It’s Worth’s Short and Tweet reviews) there’s even a Twitter handle “Book Review Tweets” run by three librarians that’s all 140-character reviews all the time. Oh, if you want a cool lesson, check out The Daring Librarian’s “Twitter Style Book Review Lesson“. (Yes, I Googled it. Because that’s what you do when you try new things on yer blog.) And here we go! (Oh, and I’m not counting the title or author’s name. Cheating? Maybe.)










THE HERE AND NOW by Ann Brashares (YA SciFi, 242 pages, April 2014, Delacorte)

Drink up: it’s time to save the world! But insta-love and underdeveloped characters mess it up. Don’t forget your bug spray.

WE WERE LIARS by E. Lockhart (YA Contemporary, 240 pages, May 2014, Delacorte) 

Twisty-turny…except I figured out the twist too early. A bit pretentious, a lot interesting. Stupid thing made me cry, too. Darned book.

SLEEP NO MORE (Charlotte Westing Chronicles #1) by Aprilynne Pike (YA Paranormal, 340 pages, April 2014, HarperTeen)

Being an Oracle would suck. Death, destruction. Why don’t they see lottery numbers? Strong MC but meh romance. Decent mystery, though.

ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART by Tracey Martin (YA Contemporary, 304 pages, December 2013, Harlequin Teen)

Just talk, already! Clear up that misunderstanding. And don’t play the victim! Yay for music and family, though. Made the story work for me.

IF I STAY (Montgomery Manor #1) by Tamora Morgan (Contemporary Romance, 224 pages, May 2014, Carina Press)

Modern Downton Abby. Lots of lies & secrets. Love triangle…sort of (he wants her, she doesn’t really want him). Good resolution, though.










THE GEOGRAPHY OF YOU AND ME by Jennifer E. Smith (YA Romance, 337 pages, April 2014, Poppy)

Sweet, swoony long-distance romance with a bit of travel thrown in. Not the strongest storyline but highly enjoyable nonetheless.

GUY IN REAL LIFE by Steve Brezenoff (YA Contemporary, 400 pages, May 2014, Balzer+Bray)

Another cute & sweet story. Dual POV takes readers into gamer world (but not too deep) while examining gender roles & great characters.

ON THE FENCE by Kasie West (YA Romance, 304 pages, July 2014, HarperTeen)

Warm, fuzzy feelings abound. Strong family relationships, good character development & a treacle-y sweet romance = nice summer read. 

HOW I GOT SKINNY, FAMOUS, AND FELL MADLY IN LOVE by Ken Baker (YA Contemporary, 272 pages, April 2014, Running Press)

Wish everyone had level of self-acceptance, knowledge Emery does. Little preachy at times with a WTH kind of ending but interesting overall.

I SEE LONDON (International School #1) by Chanel Cleeton (NA Romance, 319 pages, February 2014, Harlequin)

MC’s a little too naive but some time with hottie Samir takes care of that. Meh to the mini-love triangle w/ the older guy, though.

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  1. Ah, I love these, Mary! I’d never be able to sum anything up in just 140 characters though haha but seriously. I’m glad to see you enjoyed WE WERE LIARS (at least a little more than me). I struggled with that one a lot. Thanks for sharing some sweet and succinct thoughts with us 😀

  2. *eats more chocolate just thinking about all your reviews*

    This is such a great idea though Mary – a nice way to share your overall thoughts without going into a lot of detail:) I’m so glad you enjoyed On The Fence, I just love Kasie West’s books! And being an Oracle would definitely suck, do not sign me up for that paranormal gift! Teleportation? Yes. Seeing people get murdered before it happens and trying to stop it? NO. 🙂
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  3. I’ll have to check out the Twitter style lesson because I epically failed at keeping it down to 140 characters lol I have 1 coming up that’s 400. Oops. You did a great job at it.

    I figured out the twist really early on too with We Are Liars but I liked it anyway but yeah – it is a bit pretentious too.

    I love Tamara Morgan. If I Stay wasn’t my favorite book of hers but I did really enjoy the second book in the series.
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  4. HIGH FIVE! Let your book geek fly! But holy moly Mary, 60 books! What I read this year only totals half of what you read this summer. :O

    Ack, THE HERE AND NOW looks awesome but pepper spray?? I’m also glad I wasn’t alone in figuring the twist early on WE WERE LIARS. And I love the sound of IF I STAY because DOWNTON ABBY IS EVERYTHING.

    This is a nice feature only if I read as fast as you did. I am a fast reader too but I don’t know what happened to me. SMH
    Sarah @ Smitten over Books recently posted…I Confess!My Profile

  5. I love this idea, Mary. Short, fun and to the point. I have several books that I’ve read just for *me* that I still need to review, and they’re starting to build up. I think I may try this as well for those books I want to share 🙂

    The Here and Now was a disappointment for me as well. Sleep No More sounds like one I would like as well as On the Fence (loved her Pivot Point).
    Thanks for reviews, Mary 🙂
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  6. I love this idea, Mary! And I’m with you, multiple posters or loooonnnggg reviews just make my head spin. I just have to skim unless I’m really interested. I try to whittle down my reviews because of the way I feel, but I’m guilty of the longish review from time to time just because sometimes it’s hard to keep it short. Maybe I should skip writing any summary of the story in those cases and refer people to the blurb if they want a run down.

    I can’t believe you’ve read so many books! I’m assuming you have the summer off being a teacher? That’s wonderful and I’d probably do the same thing. I think I’ll pass on We Were Liars. I like the idea of twisty but I don’t like a crap ending that makes me cry. I’ve seen other reviews that make me believe that’s the case.

    Wonderful tweet-reviews! Read on!!!
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  7. Love it! These reviews are perfect! I need to take inspiration from you because I have read WAY too many books this summer and been traveling too much to care about posting reviews for them. I think I have like 25 that need reviewing (that seems meager in comparison to your summer list – I am in absolute adoring AWE of 60, and yes BIG HIGH FIVE). I guessed the We Were Liars twist too early too – bummer! And damnit I see London has a love triangle? Boo!
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  8. I think I need to re-read We Were Liars to see what I’ll take away from it, knowing where it ends up. I wrote a review for it the first time around, but I can’t find my notes… grr… anyway, I liked it but didn’t LOVEEEE it like other people. Frankie Landau-Banks will forever be my favourite of hers.
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