Do It In 140: Tweet-Short Book Reviews (3)

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I read fast. Like, super-fast. A book or two a day fast (when I have time, that is). Because of that superpower, I’m always behind on my reviews, with no chance of ever catching up…except if I do a bunch of short reviews at a time. So, taking inspiration from one of my favorite social media outlets, Twitter, I’m going to cover an entire book in just 140 characters. Now, I’m not the first or only one to do this–check out Karen @ For What It’s Worth’s Short and Tweet reviews and the Twitter handle “Book Review Tweets” run by three librarians.

The Castle Behind the Thorns18365279 by Merrie Haskell (MG Fantasy, 336 pages, May 2014, Katherine Tegen Books)

Great setting (split-in-half castle). Slow unfolding of story as boy learns survival. Enter princess & political intrigue, which speeds things along.


15728807House of Ivy and Sorrow by Natalie Whipple (YA Fantasy, 360 pages, April 2014, HarperTeen)

Intriguing witch lore but ew to hair/fingernail pulling. Bit too fluffy & childish for my tastes w/ young-feeling MC. More MG feel than YA.


18107099The Islands of Chaldea by Diana Wynne Jones, Ursula Jones (MG Fantasy, 274 pages, February 2014, HarperCollins Children’s)

Most excellent, smart MC, this future Wise Woman. Impressive writing in this last DWJ story, as finished by her sister. Definitely enjoyable.


18004314A World Without Princes (The School for Good and Evil #2) by Soman Chainani (MG Fantasy, 433 pages, April 2014, HarperCollins)

No such thing as Happily Ever After, even in a girl-run world. Because the boys revolt. Same dark humor, excellent writing as 1st book.


22875078Allies and Assassins (Enemies of the Prince #1) by Justin Stomper (YA Fantasy, 496 pages, May 2014, Little, Brown)

Gorgeous writing, intriguing premise that, sadly, falls short. Didn’t hold my attention despite political intrigue, assassins. More MG than YA.


172363661723636651wwvakhdLL._AA160_Sea of Shadows (Age of Legends #1) by Kelley Armstrong (YA Fantasy, 416 pages, April 2014, HarperTeen)

Almost gave up on this, despite fave author status. Dry beginning, TSTL characters, little worldbuilding. Did pick up near end, though.

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56 Responses to “Do It In 140: Tweet-Short Book Reviews (3)”

  1. I completely agree on House of Ivy & Sorrow Mary, it read very young to me as well and I was surprised based on the cover and synopsis. Definitely more MG. I’m SO bummed about Sea of Shadows, that was on the top of my must have list at the beginning of the year, but everyone seemed to really struggle with it. And if you almost gave up on it, I think I would have trouble muddling through as well. 🙁
    Jenny @ Supernatural Snark recently posted…Cathy Reviews: Thorn JackMy Profile

  2. Great idea! I do mini reviews once a week, but not like this. Cute and gets the point across, so why not. I don’t read much YA/MG but I have a granddaughter who does, so I am interested in these titles–thanks!

  3. I love this method of reviewing, Mary! You do read wicked fast so I can see how it would be hard to keep up on writing reviews. Plus, when you write a short and sweet tweet review you have more time to read. That’s a huge win in my book! It’s a shame about the Kelly Armstrong book. Long one, too. I enjoyed her Darkest Powers series, but that was sometime ago. Great reviews, Mary! 🙂
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  4. I really want to read The School of Good and Evil series. I received book #2 for review but I had never read the first. The cover is gorgeous and it sounds so good.

    I feel the same way about Armstrong’s Omen’s series. Do you read that one? Her writing over the past few years almost feels procedural if that makes any sense. I keep trying though because she’s been one of my auto buy authors in the past.

    As always – I am in awe of your being able to actual do a tweet review in the required 140 characters!
    Karen recently posted…Review: Visions (Cainsville #2) by Kelley ArmstrongMy Profile

  5. The Sea of Shadows was a hard one to wade through. The ending picked up and really intrigued me, but that pace was almost a killer in the beginning. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had a hard time with the it. I’m want to pick up The School of Good and Evil and Castle of Thorns both (one day -lol.) I love to escape with MG titles and pass them on or read them with my daughter. Don’t you feel like they just help break the reading rut we all get into sometimes 🙂
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  6. I love these quickies Mary, keep ’em coming! I know you read like a madwoman so these posts are always full of fab book recs. Definitely picking up The Castle Behind the Thorns and The Islands of Chaldeau. I’m also feeling pretty good about my decision to skip Sea of Shadows. I also don’t think I’d enjoy Allies & Assassins and House of Ivy – I don’t like when stories seem to read unintentionally younger. About to start Good & Evil #2 myself, now I’m even more excited!
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