Do it in 140: Tweet-short Book Reviews (2)

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I read fast. Like, super-fast. A book or two a day fast (when I have time, that is). Because of that superpower, I’m always behind on my reviews, with no chance of ever catching up…except if I do a bunch of short reviews at a time. So, taking inspiration from one of my favorite social media outlets, Twitter, I’m going to cover an entire book in just 140 characters. Now, I’m not the first or only one to do this (check out Karen @ For What It’s Worth’s Short and Tweet reviews) there’s even a Twitter handle “Book Review Tweets” run by three librarians that’s all 140-character reviews all the time. (Yes, I Googled it. Because that’s what you do when you try new things on yer blog.) (Oh, and I’m not counting the title or author’s name. Cheating? Maybe.)

14288998INTO THE STILL BLUE (Under the Never Sky #3) by Veronica Rossi (YA SciFi Dystopia, 392 pages, January 2014, HarperCollins)

An unputdownable final installment. Great character development and perfect pacing (a bit rushed at the end, though). Bravo!

17869212PROMISE OF SHADOWS by Justina Ireland (YA Paranormal, 371 pages, March 2014, Simon and Schuster for Young Readers)

Great promise, intriguing premise…but it didn’t quite work for me, despite the harpies. What was with the uber-angsty boys? Meh.

13518102SALVAGE by Alexandra Duncan (YA SciFi, 528 pages, April 2014, Greenwillow Books)

Insta-love, extremely odd names, out-there jargon…and a love triangle. DNF. So sad about it, too. An intriguing premise that just didn’t work.

13449631WHITE SPACE (Dark Passages #1) by Ilsa J. Bick (YA Fantasy, 560 pages, February 2014, EgmontUSA)

A not-great start morphed into a pretty decent second half. Trippy POV switches and painfully slow pacing at times make it a difficult read.

10744752ADAPTATION (Adaptation #1) by Miranda Lo (YA SciFi, 386 pages, September 2012, Little, Brown for Young Readers)

Triangle of DOOM ruins romance, odd pacing kills what started out as a fast-paced thrill ride. Such possibility. *shakes head sadly*

18635086THE EIGHTH DAY (Eighth Day #1) by Dianne K. Salerni (MG Fantasy, 320 pages, April 2014, HarperCollins)

 A middle grade that works: Great characters, fantastic story, great pacing. Wish I was an Arthurian descendent so I could have an Eighth Day


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  1. Hah, we are twins in the way we read, Mary! I read about a book a day (sometimes two if I’m on a roll), and I try to review/feature a book a week on the blog, but a lot of titles I end up just leaving a brief reaction for on GoodReads. I keep meaning to write more mini reviews too, although I don’t know if I could do it in 140 characters. I have SO MANY WORDS.

    I wasn’t impressed by the first Justina Ireland book I tried, so I’m not surprised to see your reaction to this new one; I think I like ADAPTATION more than you did, but yeah, I didn’t love the triangle, either. But then again, it’s cool that she tried something you don’t see often in YA, and the way that’s resolved in book two is pretty interesting, and unconventional.
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  2. Yay, more ‘Do it in 140″ reviews! I’m inspired to try this as well, but when I last tried it, my review just kept growing. Gah! Anyways – I agree with White Space, that was a massive book, and the pace just about killed me in the first half. I’m glad I finished it – the ending was such a brain teaser! I would like to try The Eighth Day, I love anyting to do with Arthurian legend. 🙂
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  3. Shoot! I have Salvage on my shelf and was hoping it would be a winner Mary! It’s a big one though, so if you didn’t make it all the way through, I’m not sure I want to attempt it. I definitely need to finish the Under the Never Sky series though, LOVE those books! Well the first book, I still need to get to 2 and 3. Fail:)
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  4. I love your tweet reviews. The only one I have read is Into the Still Blue and I liked it but agree on the ending. The rest except the last one, I have contemplated but passed on due to lackluster reviews. Looks like I made a good choice. Have a great weekend, Mary.
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  5. Ugh! I can’t do it that fast. My migraines always have a say in how much I can read… darn them! You read like my mom who read 4 Harry Potter books in less than a week. LOL Loved the tweet short reviews. I need to be able to distill them into a few words. I think I just like to ramble too much… as you can see from this comment. LOL
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  6. I loved Into the Still Blue! That’s such a great series. I did like Adaptation when I read it, but would probably feel different now.

    You and Karen have inspired me to start occasionally writing tweet-style reviews. Staying within 140 characters is impossible!

  7. I completely agree about Promise of Shadows, I just was not impressed, the angst was just too freaking much.

    Salvage , Tina read and said once you get past a certain point in the first fifth of the book that it wasn’t about that at all and that it wasn’t a romance either, that was just the front setup.
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