Two Woo-Hoos and a Meh

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18490681  THE KISS OF DECEPTION (The Remnant Chronicles #1) by Mary E. Pearson

  YA Fantasy, 489 pages, hardcover, published July 8, 2014

  I loved how this story was constructed. Yes, there’s a triangle with two boys and one girl but the way that it’s done made it unique — we didn’t know who was the prince and who was the assassin until near the end of the story. Which I both liked and hated (mostly because I’m terrible at guessing and guessed right then wrong then, in the end, I was actually right about who was whom). However, I really do like knowing who to root for and against (that’d be for the prince, who turns out to be a better guy than expected, and against the assassin who’s supposed to kill the girl but winds up not for…reasons.). However, I was annoyed with this spoiled princess who ran away to work in a bar (seriously? Okay. Interesting choice.) despite the fact that her entire kingdom was put in peril because of her choices. I get not wanting to be forced to marry but, well, you’re a princess. That’s kind of your job, to make political moves that will benefit your people. That’s why you get to live in a castle and wear nice clothes and eat good food and not have to worry about poverty or disease like most everybody else. Despite that hiccup, I was swept up in this story and…damn that cliffhanger! (Which was the good kind because it answered some questions but you could practically hear the duh-duh-duuummm music playing at the end.)

14061957  RUIN AND RISING (The Grisha #3) by Leigh Bardugo

  YA Fantasy, 417 pages, hardcover, published June 17, 2014

  A gorgeous ending to a fantastic series. Yep. Loved it. This woman can write. And, from what I hear, there are going to be some more books set in this world so yay! I’ll admit, I was never on team Mal, especially after his jackassedness in the second book but he redeemed himself in the third installment. Not enough for me to hop on his team but enough so I didn’t want him to, yanno, die a horrible death at the hands of The Darkling. And, no, I never really liked The Darkling as the love interest. Too creepy. Too bad (oh, I do like the bad boys but not Darkling bad. He’s a whole ‘nother level of bad.). I know it’s terrible and I might have readers everywhere doing the *headdesk* move but I didn’t love the romance in this book. That’s not what kept me reading. The story as a whole, the gorgeous descriptions and language, the interestingly diverse characters, the plot, the setting…that’s what kept me reading and fully entranced until the very last page. Now. Can we get a Stormageddon…I mean Sturmhond story? 

18594501  TAKE BACK THE SKIES (Take Back the Skies #1) by Lucy Saxon

  YA Fantasy, 384 pages, hardcover, published June 3, 2014

It happens sometimes, you know. Those books that are just okay. There’s nothing really wrong with them except maybe they need some more polish, more action, whatever. That’s Take Back the Skies for me. I DNFed it about halfway through. The writing was a bit too unpolished (though there’s tons of potential — I do hope she keeps writing!) with some serious plot holes and whaa-moments; and it read much younger than I’d been lead to believe. More of a middle grade read (not that that’s a bad thing). The cover’s gorgeous, though. Look at that thing.

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  1. “(mostly because I’m terrible at guessing and guessed right then wrong then, in the end, I was actually right about who was whom)”

    DITTO MARY! I was all over the place with my guessing in Kiss of Deception. That made it fun though. And I have to admit to be totally Team Darkling in book one, but then even I, who love bad boys who hover right on the line of being irredeemable, had to admit the Darkling was solidly a villain in book two and no longer a love interest. I still have hope for Mal, though he did piss me off to no end in book two. HOW ABOUT A LITTLE LOYALTY?! Still, can’t wait to read Ruin and Rising!
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  2. WELP, we’ve already had The Kiss of Deception conversation, and I’m glad that you were happier with the ending of R&R than I was too. I still LOVE that series, and think it’s one of the best recent YA fantasies available, I’m just a hard case when it comes to my rules, LOL. I’m sorry for the MEH. The cover sucked me in too, but I don’t think I’d like the actual story much more than you did.
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  3. Finally I am back from blogging break. Love your new design!!! I can’t believe you are not Team Mal, the romance was what kept me reading, ha! Even though I did like the story as a whole and the entire world very much, too, of course. Why haven’t I read book two yet?! I need to find out what’s happening now. Should probably read Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising back to back. Thanks so much for your reviews! 🙂
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