Mini Swarms: Hot and cold romances

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18809304   WHEN DAY BREAKS (KGI #9) by Maya Banks

   Romantic suspense; 304 pages, paperback; published June 24, 2014 by Berkley

   Maya Banks is a talented writer but the past couple books I’ve read of hers just aren’t doing it for me and this one is no exception (sadly). Did we have to have insta-love? I’m all over insta-lust. That, I totally get. But seeing someone (and, in this case, taking a nap) and deciding that this girl is The One for you…no. Yeah, she’s hot. She’s a supermodel. And he’s a horribly scarred monster (one scar on his face. It’s a big one but a scar does not a monster make). They talk. They talk A LOT. Too much. Where’s the action? It’s all talk-talk-take some pictures of me because I have to do my job and my dad’s not telling me the whole truth so I don’t know what kind of danger I’m really in-talk-talk-and finally some smexy times. *sigh* (And what is the deal with everyone who works for KGI living and working in this “compound”? A bit too cultish for me. I get the need for safety but a compound?)

18778795   WHAT A WOMAN NEEDS (Manley Maids #2) by Judi Fennell

   Romance; 320 pages, paperback; published June 3, 2014 by Berkley

Poor brothers, underestimating their baby sister. Smart baby sister, winning at cards and winning the “services” of her brothers for a month each. Now, that’s a way to get some free labor for your new cleaning business! Big-time fancy movie star Bryan isn’t one to run out on a bet so he heads out to the house he’s assigned to clean. One filled with a tempting woman and her five (!) children. The story plays out like a bit of a fairy tale, considering the two come from such different worlds (though not backgrounds). It also moves a bit slow in the smexy times department, though this works because it shows how Bryan cares about Beth and how he knows that she’s not just another romp in the hay. The whole thing’s a bit of a stretch but the story’s strong, the writing’s fun and there’s a sweet romance to bring it all together.

18081809  LANDLINE by Rainbow Rowell

  Contemporary; 308 pages, hardcover; published July 8, 2014 by St. Martin’s Press

Meh. Can this be my whole review? I mean, it wasn’t bad (Rainbow Rowell is a good writer) but it didn’t flip my lid. What’d I like about it (which I liked enough that I finished the whole story): Georgie’s struggle to balance home and work; the realistic interactions between husband and wife; Georgie’s co-workers. What I questioned: the magic phone. Um…WTF? Fer serious? And then, because she could talk to her pre-husband of yore, talking to her pre-huby became her focus, her drive in life instead of writing the scripts for the TV show she’d worked her entire life to get and what she’d skipped the family trip for. *sigh* I don’t think I’m an adult RR reader. I highly enjoyed Fangirl and liked Eleanor and Park but DNFed Attachments.

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  1. I haven’t had much luck with Maya Banks outside her Scottish Highlander historical romances. THOSE ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM! But this KGI series and some of her erotic books just have not worked for me, so I think I’m going to stick to the historicals only from here on out. Too bad Landline was just okay. And it has a magic phone? I’ve never actually read the premise so I had no idea what it was about. Odd:)

    Have a great weekend Mary!
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  2. A movie star and a lady with 5 children! WOW. That is something I haven’t seen before. Though as I’ve said, I’m a sucker for celebrity/regular people books. Also, I’ve been holding off reading the RR book, because I’m not sure about the phone…plus I don’t know how I feel about her spending all the book with the younger version of her husband, instead of working things out with the current version. But I do love RR, so I’ll give it a go eventually. Hope her next one is a better fit for you!
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