Speed Date with Rome: The Virgin’s Guide To Misbehaving by Jessica Clare

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THE VIRGIN’S GUIDE TO MISBEHAVING (Bluebonnet #4) by Jessica Clare
Contemporary Romance
304 pages, paperback
Available June 4, 2014
Publisher: Berkley
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

Playing innocent is easy.

After being the quiet, shy girl her whole life, Elise Markham is ready for a mental makeover. She’s done keeping to herself and staying out of trouble—it’s time to break out of her shell and maybe meet someone intriguing in the process. So, on a photography trip to Bluebonnet, she has a whole lot more on her mind than snapping photos, especially when Rome walks into the picture.

Playing dirty is fun.

The newest instructor at Wilderness Survival Expeditions has a colorful past, to say the least. Having come from a family of notorious con artists that destroyed his credit and reputation, all before his eighteenth birthday, Rome just wants a decent job and a quiet life in a town where no one knows his name. He’s exactly the kind of bad boy that an innocent girl like Elise should stay far away from.

But Elise is tired of doing what’s right. She’s ready to throw caution to the wind—and let Rome show her just how exciting being bad can be…

First Date: I first met Rome in THE EXPERT’S GUIDE TO DRIVING A MAN WILD, when he moved into one of the unoccupied cabins. There was definitely something different about him. He was quiet and kept to himself, worked hard and had the most fabulous tattoos all over. Like most of the other women of Bluebonnet, I had fantasies of uncovering all of them. (Seriously, the meh tattoo on the cover model just doesn’t match what I had in my head. Plus, I really do wish cover model Elise would move her hand. She’s blocking the good bits!) A motorcycle man with a mysterious past who’s happy in his austere cabin — of course I was curious. And, for the record, his tattoos are MUCH better looking than in pictures. Much.

Second Date: Super-shy Elise has a confidence problem. And a virginity problem–one she wants to get rid of with the help of Rome (good choice, Elise!). Rome’s game, though he’s confused by the conflicting messages she’s sending out. But, once he learns a bit more about her, he’s totally in, especially since he’s falling for her. Unfortunately, his past is catching up with him and he has a confidence problem of his own — will Elise want him when she finds out about his family and his history? You know, there’s just something about a guy who is all bad-assed on the outside but is squishy and tender on the inside. 

Third Date: I’m enjoying the writing and tone in this series. While I’ve only read two of the four books in it, I’m going back to catch up with the first two. There’s a fantastic thread of humor throughout and the heroes are manly men with sensitive sides that really get under my skin (yum!). Definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a sweet and fun read.

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29 Responses to “Speed Date with Rome: The Virgin’s Guide To Misbehaving by Jessica Clare”

  1. When virgins start misbehaving Mary, the world better watch out 😉 This does sound like a really fun series even though setups like this one drive me a little crazy. I don’t like it when virginity is portrayed as something that needs to be done away with in a hurry so the girl can finally get on with her life, but that’s obviously a personal pet peeve. I do really enjoy Jessica Clare’s books, so I think I’ll be able to look past my issue and fall in love with Elise and Rome. Especially Rome 😉

    • I’m tellin’ you. Though I do agree about the “virginity problem”. In this case, it was more her shyness and the virginity was just one aspect of it rather than determination to rid herself of it.

  2. Oh this sounds like such a fun series Mary and yes the dude is always better in my head. Sorry I have not returned the love this week. I have bacterial pneumonia and aside from being on deaths door haven’t been able to sit for long periods let alone read. *hugs*

  3. Manly tattooed men with sensitive sides? Ooh yes—I’m making it my mission to binge read this series! And if I can get a side of humor, even better. Mary, as usual you are a danger to my TBR pile! 🙂

  4. Hmmm, sounds like a really cool read! Of course, you had me at “tattoo” because I seriously have a passion for them 😀 All the more if they’re on hunky, awesome, silent type guys.
    This baby is going on my to read list for sure.

  5. I think I’ve read one of these books. Rome and Elise’s romance sounds like fun and I agree, Rome sounds like a nice choice to fix that “problem”. Great speed date, Mary! 🙂

  6. oh I love the way you do these reviews, I will have to figure them out. So first date is from the characters pov, second is yours and third is how you feel about it in general?

  7. This one is set to be my first foray into the series, and you’ve really put my mind to ease, and excited me! I’m hoping I enjoy it enough to read the first three. Thanks for ten helpful review!