Mini Swarms: It’s a Paranormal Party

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ATTACK THE GEEK (Ree Reyes #2.5) by Michael R. Underwood
Urban Fantasy
194 pages, ebook
Available now (April 2014)
Publisher: Pocket Star
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

A side quest novella in the bestselling Geekomancy urban fantasy series—when D and D style adventures go from the tabletop to real life, look out! Ree Reyes, urban fantasy heroine of Geekomancy, is working her regular barista/drink-slinger shift at Grognard’s when it all goes wrong. Everything.

Are any of you gamers? Or fans of Star Wars/Star Trek/Firefly or something equally “nerdy”? (Hey, I love all those and I’ll happily take on the designation of nerd for it but some don’t like the title.) If you are, I think you’ll really like this series. This novella was quite fun though, in essence, it was really just one long fight against the bad guys. Kind of like a side quest in an online game, actually. And, if you haven’t read at least one of the other two books in this series, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not a standalone but a bridge, a “side quest”, as the blurb says.

ENTWINED (Darkest London #3.5) by Kristen Callihan
Historical Paranormal Romance
120 pages, ebook
Available now (November 2013)
Publisher: Forever
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

Eamon Evernight has always lived in his older brother’s shadow. While his brother is fair of hair and lithe in body, Eamon sparks fear with his fiery locks and massive frame –a nd rumors of a mysterious power. But when his brother has the good fortune to be betrothed to a beautiful stranger, it’s Eamon’s help — and quick wit and romantic heart — that he needs. Eamon agrees to write the noble lady… a generous offer that will forever leave him a changed man.

Lady Luella Jane Moran has no interest in an arranged marriage and tries valiantly to dissuade her betrothed from afar. Though her own letters plainly state her case, the words her husband-to-be writes her leave her aching for his touch. Will Lu give in to the desire the missives have kindled within her? Or will desire turn cold when she discovers their true author?

Eamon is living a Cyrano de Bergerac story, writing love letters for his older brother to the woman his brother’s supposed to marry. Of course, Eamon falls for her as Luella falls for him…though she thinks Eamon is his brother. Eamon kind of reminds me of Hephaestus, big and brawny, lurking in the shadows so no one has to look at him while shaping metal at the forge. Except Emon’s a virgin (!!). Some excellent sparks between Eamon and Lu as they sort things out. A nice little addition to the Darkest London series.

THE FALCONER (The Falconer #1) by Elizabeth May
YA Historical Paranormal
378 pages, hardcover
Available now (May 2014)
Publisher: Chronicle
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

Heiress. Debutant. Murderer. A new generation of heroines has arrived.
Edinburgh, Scotland, 1844

Lady Aileana Kameron, the only daughter of the Marquess of Douglas, was destined for a life carefully planned around Edinburgh’s social events – right up until a faery killed her mother.

Now it’s the 1844 winter season and Aileana slaughters faeries in secret, in between the endless round of parties, tea and balls. Armed with modified percussion pistols and explosives, she sheds her aristocratic facade every night to go hunting. She’s determined to track down the faery who murdered her mother, and to destroy any who prey on humans in the city’s many dark alleyways.

But the balance between high society and her private war is a delicate one, and as the fae infiltrate the ballroom and Aileana’s father returns home, she has decisions to make. How much is she willing to lose – and just how far will Aileana go for revenge?

Okay, this one I liked but didn’t love. The concept is totally there, as is the writing BUT there’s a looming love triangle (grr) and a large cliffhanger (double grr). I liked Aileana’s tinkering and her prowess with a knife but I wasn’t the biggest fan of either of the love interests, particularly the fae, Kieran, who was supposed to be dark and mysterious but really, just made me want to smack him around until he gave us some answers. The parallels between the Fever series were a bit too…parallel but missing the tension and darkness that made me fall for the adult series. Still, I’d like to see where May takes us with the second book.

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  1. I’ve really been wanting to try the Ree Reyes series b/c it sounds like a lot of fun, and I need to start the Darkest London series too (that one I actually have). The Falconer . . . The Falconer was one of my most anticipated for the year, and I got maybe a couple of chapters into it before putting it back down. I knew about the cliffhanger b/c EVERYONE that’s read it has cursed it, but I thought the book would be worth it . . . after all the repetitive cursing, I decided maybe not. I’m sure I’ll read it eventually (probably . . . ), but if I can avoid a cliffhanger, I do.

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  2. Entwined was great read (for a novella); I always enjoy Kristen Callihan’s writing style. And, I’ve been thinking of giving Attack of the Geek a go, so thanks for the review!

  3. Ah, I want to read (begin) the Darkest London series so much, her books always seem to have such an interesting couple in the unique world. And, I have the Falconer, because I just can’t resist the sound of it. I’m bracing myself for that cliffie though! 🙂

  4. I’ve heard some mixed opinions on THE FALCONER. I’ve heard some people love it, but some people felt it just didn’t ring all that true…and that the cliffhanger SUCKED. I guess I’ll have to brace myself for that! Great mini reviews, Mary 🙂

  5. Oh The Falconer is a bit similar to the Fever Series? I didn’t know that, there has this big massive void left ever since I finished the Fever series, so I wouldn’t mind taking on something similar. Also I quite like books which end in a cliffhanger! Fab reviews Mary!