Come on down here and: Whisper To Me by Christina Lee

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WHISPER TO ME (Between Breaths #3) by Christina Lee
New Adult Romance
262 pages, ebook
Available May 20, 2014
Publisher: InterMix
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

At college, Rachel has a reputation for being a sarcastic flirt with a thing for star athletes. No one at school knows that she’d had her heart ripped to shreds by her high school sweetheart, who’d driven them both off the side of the road on a borrowed motorcycle, and then abandoned her. No one knows the real Rachel Mattson—except one person…

Ever since he helped nurse his sister’s feisty best friend back to health, pierced bass player Kai Nakos has been head over heels in love. But the supposed bad boy can’t risk letting Rachel know the truth—especially now that the two of them are back in their hometown for the summer, together for the first time since the months following that fateful night. Never mind that Rachel’s ex is back, groveling for her forgiveness.

Shaken by her ex’s return, Rachel finds herself turning to the one guy she knows she can trust. Kai is willing to hide his feelings for her, just to have Rachel touch him again. After all, this is only a temporary fling. Until it becomes something more. But maybe it had been more all along.

I know! A New Adult book, right? I know there’s a rabid following out there but I just haven’t fallen under its spell…yet. But WHISPER TO ME was a pretty good read. 

Sure, it has those NA cliches with the tattooed and pierced bad boy (who’s also a musician) and the (relatively) good girl. And, of course, the bad boy really has a marshmallow heart. Those, I can handle and even really enjoy, as long as I don’t read too many books like this in the same vein. But I liked Kai. He is sweet, he’s kind and, damn, that boy has some dirty talk in his romance-the-girl repertoire. 

Kai and Rachel have strong chemistry and a connection that practically sizzles off the page. He’s her rock while she recovers from injuries she received from a motorcycle crash (lesson: never ride a bike without a helmet, even if your jerk of a boyfriend is driving and says it’s going to be fine. Just don’t.). He was her rock when said boyfriend abandoned her. And he fell hard for her. Unfortunately, she decided that she needed to get away from her small town and reinvent herself, leaving Kai in the lurch. Until, three years later when they’re both back in the same town.

There’s a bit too much miscommunication and issues left unresolved for too long. With just a couple of sit-down, no-sex conversations, these issues could be resolved but they’re not quite enough mature to do that in a timely manner. The ending’s also a bit rushed, with everything getting solved for the HEA. I guess I wanted a little more time with the couple once they finally got together for-real-for-real and not just as an experiment or for smexy times. A solid three-star read for me.

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  1. Haha :)) as much as I love New Adult – I can’t read too much of them either. At some point they all feel like the same story over and over again – not that I don’t like the concept, but at some point too much is too much!! Glad you like this series and I might add these to my list too!

  2. I always wonder about the titles to these books. They sound good but does it have anything to do with the book at all? Whisper to me? Is there any whispering going on? I am such a nerd sometimes when it comes to books 🙂

  3. I’m with you on New Adult. I just never really got into it. IT’s the cliches that bother me. I can’t get over how predictable everything is. But I’m glad you enjoyed reading this one, despite the issues.

  4. It’s totally the cliches that kill me with NA, Mary! I love the idea of the genre, but the cliches just end my interest. That said, to see a reluctant reader like you enjoy and appreciate this story gives me a bit of hope, and I’m glad that you found Kai charming. I might just have to try this after all! Lovely review 🙂

  5. I haven’t really jumped on the NA wagon either. Every now and again I’ll give one a go (especially if I already know the author). I am intrigued by this one though. Glad it was solid even if not perfect 🙂

  6. Gah! One of the things that drives me batty in a bunch of NAs is the this-could-all-be-resolved-so-easily-if-we’d-just-stop-having-sex-and-actually-talk situation. BATTY. So yeah, probably a pass on this one, LOL. Thanks for the heads-up though 😉

  7. Hmmm. This does sound like a very typical NA book Mary! I’m fine with that when I don’t read too many NA books in a row, like you said. Otherwise, all the common staples of the genre, like miscommunications, drive me absolutely batty. I think I’ll wait on this one for a while, but I do like the sound of Kai. Obviously 😉

  8. LOL – yes, can there ever be talk somewhere in between all the awesome, yummy sex! Sometimes, I’m in the mood for some of the angst in these NA books, but like you mentioned, there still needs to be a balance in them, right?? Kai does sound cute though…Mary! 🙂

  9. Agreed.

    They were nice, the story was nice but on earth wouldn’t they just talk and move on?? They would have a big light bulb moment where they realized something but wait to talk about it…misunderstanding ensues. Grrr lol

    It didn’t irritate me as much as other NA’s I’ve read because I really liked Kai and Rachel but it didn’t blow me away either.

  10. Yeah I think the trick is to not read too many bc everything gets old quick. I have heard great things about this series overall though. Kai sounds yummy and the romance sounds really well written and full of chemistry which is a must!! Miscommunication in a romance is a pt peeve of mine though I just get so frustrated by how easily drama could have been avoided. Great review, hun!

  11. I do tend to like Christina Lee’s books so i know i’m be reading this one shortly but if there’s something i’ve noticed her books and NA in general fall victim too it’s the whole let’s-have-sex-andignore-our-problems-and-then-be-at-aloss-as-too-why-we-don’t-work URGHHH very aggravating! LOL
    Great review!
    Lily @ Lilysbookblog

  12. I hate couple drama that’s caused by miscommunication; it’s so frustrating, and unnecessary IMO. I’m not a big fan of rushed HEA’s either. I think I am going to pass on this one, but thanks for sharing your review all the same!

  13. It doesn’t sound like a bad read, but I don’t think this is the one to really get me into NA. That bug hasn’t bitten me either. I’m not sure I like the drama here, but perhaps when I get into NA (one day…) then it won’t bother me too much. Brill review!

  14. I’m really not one for mis-communications. I can’t stand them anymore, sadly, so I think I’ll have to skip out on this though the rest of the novel seems to be quite strong. Wonderful review, Mary! 🙂