Waiting On…A SHIVER OF LIGHT by Laurell K. Hamilton

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Okay, I know some people might be rolling their eyes that I’m looking forward to this story but I’ve always enjoyed this series and we haven’t had a new Merry book since 2009. Yes, it’s getting a little too much like Hamilton’s other series, filled with magic vaginas and orgies, but I’m hoping it gets back on track, like it was at the beginning, when Merry was fighting the power while still retaining her humanity. We’ll see. I have hopes but Hamilton’s disappointed me before (namely with the Anita Blake series. I mean, seriously, the woman may as well just park herself in bed with her legs open, welcoming all comers. Heh. Pun intended.). (And, if you haven’t read either of Hamilton’s series, I’m probably freaking you out. Sorry ’bout that.)

I do like the cover, too, though I’m wondering what that golden sparkly man is doing back there in that golden shower. 
*wonders if it truly is a golden shower* 
*shakes off the image*

Paranormal romance
?? pages, hardcover
Expected publication: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Hardcover

Merry Gentry pretends to be human. She moved to Los Angeles and began working as a private investigator at Grey’s Detective Agency. But all of this is just a disguise; in fact she is a princess of faerie, her real name is Meredith Nic Essus, and she had to flee the Dark Court of Faerie because of attempts on her life.

In order to inherit her rightful crown, Merry needed to conceive an heir, a notoriously difficult task for the slow-reproducing Fey.

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29 Responses to “Waiting On…A SHIVER OF LIGHT by Laurell K. Hamilton”

  1. LOL magic vaginas? Hmm, paranormal romance isn’t typically my genre of choice, only because I find it wanting in depth or development, but perhaps I’ll check this one out if it doesn’t disappoint you, Mary. At any rate, I’m off to look into this author’s backlog.. 😉

  2. Golden Showers…hmm? LOL,. Mary, I really loved the Anita Blake series untill the last half or so, and even tried reading two I think of Mercy Gentry. The gals I loved and the strange world/creatures always were exciting to read, but then her writing style got a little to crazy for me and I lost interest. If this ends up like her original Anital books-let me know, I’ll be first in line.

    • Definitely agree about the Anita series. I’m not sure what happened after…I really wish she’d get back to the storytelling and ditch about 3/4ths of the smexy times.

  3. You know I saw her speak last year and she was fascinating. I haven’t read her (I went with a friend that was a huge fan) but I imagine her worlds are as fascinating as she is!

  4. “(namely with the Anita Blake series. I mean, seriously, the woman may as well just park herself in bed with her legs open, welcoming all comers. Heh. Pun intended.)”

    I love you Mary. You are hilarious:) I luckily stopped the Anita Blake series before she got all sex-crazed, so I’m really happy about that. Maybe this newest book will turn things around for this series and keep it from going in the direction it seems to be headed. *fingers crossed* Or maybe I should say legs crossed? 🙂

  5. I read the Merry series until book 4 maybe – the one where they rescue *you know who*.

    I’m no fan of multiple partners but I feel like it worked in this series – until it didn’t lol

    She had to make a sex calendar! lol And I always felt bad for Reese (was that his name??)

  6. I’ve only read the first book of the Merry series but I enjoyed it much more than some of the Anita books. I stopped reading the Anita books because everyone seems really disenchanted with the way the series went.

  7. Oh thank you, I just got home from work and you have made me laugh and giggle with your opening paragraph. That pretty much sums up how I felt about the first erotica book I read back in the early, early 80’s. I have just started trying them again and I shall await your opinion on this 🙂

  8. Haha I hadn’t even noticed the golden man before you mentioned it O_O I do like the cover though and it reminds me of the new paperback cover for Fallout (Ellen Hopkins) that I’m reading now!

  9. WOW. Look at that guy hidden in all that gold on the cover. I’ve not heard of this series, and I can’t do anything involving “orgies” I’m a one guy kind of girl. But I love your dedication to these long series and that you’re excited for this one.

  10. I didn’t even notice that guy in there until you called attention to the fact he is chilling in a golden shower! 😀 Of course this another series that has left me in the dust, so I think I’ll look for your review to see if you like the direction it’s going before investing the time to catch up.

  11. bah…. I wish her writing was back on track. The magic vaginas and orgies are what put me off from Anita’s series 🙁 and here I was now rooting for Merry… sad really… I miss the good writing that didn’t want you running for the hills with over the top sex.

  12. Anonymous

    I noticed the golden shower on the cover as well! 🙂 I gave up on this series years ago due to the sloppy writing and the disappearing plot. I can’t recall which Merry Gentry book novel it was, but in one almost 95% of the book was Merry wandering from room to room/having sex.