Top Off Tuesday Two-fer: Twice the fun, wrapped in a kilt

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Started by FeliciaChristi and Amanda, Top Off Tuesday is where a bunch of us share hot-hot-hot book covers (some we’ve read, some we’ve just drooled on). Head over to Felicia’s blog to share your ToT link and see what everyone else is swooning over.

I am ALWAYS tempted by a man in a kilt. Especially when he’s got a big…sword.

TEMPTATION IN A KILT by Victoria Roberts
Historical Romance
323 pages, paperback
Available now (September 2012)
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

She’s On Her Way to Safety

It’s a sign of Lady Rosalia Armstrong’s desperation that she’s seeking refuge in a place as rugged and challenging as the Scottish Highlands. She doesn’t care about hardship and discomfort, if only she can become master of her own life. Laird Ciaran MacGregor, however, is completely beyond her control…

He Redefines Dangerous…

Ciaran MacGregor knows it’s perilous to get embroiled with a fiery Lowland lass, especially one as headstrong as Rosalia. Having made a rash promise to escort her all the way to Glengarry, now he’s stuck with her, even though she challenges his legendary prowess at every opportunity. When temptation reaches its peak, he’ll be ready to show her how he really is…on and off the battlefield.

X MARKS THE SCOT by Victoria Roberts
Historical Romance
352 pages, paperback
Available now (February 2013)
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

He was a Highland rogue—
wicked with a bow and just as wicked with the ladies.

Declan MacGregor hadn’t a care in the world beyond finding a soft bed and willing woman…until he had to escort Lady Liadain Campbell to the English court. The woman needles him at every turn, but he can’t just abandon her to that vipers’ nest without protection.

She never asked for a bodyguard…

Liadain wasn’t thrilled to be left in the care of her clan’s archrival. It was as if the man never had a lady tell him no before! And yet as whispers of treason swirl through the court and the threat of danger grows ever sharper, her bitter enemy soon becomes the only one she can trust…

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28 Responses to “Top Off Tuesday Two-fer: Twice the fun, wrapped in a kilt”

  1. Oooo Mary you minx! Giving us two kilts and two….swords. Win. Who needs men with the top half of their faces? Not this girl.

  2. I’m with Maja – the kilt just doesn’t do it for me. lol

    I also don’t like *ducks for cover* scottish accents.

    I did read X Marks the Scot though and I enjoyed it.

  3. I’m always hoping for a strong wind to blow through if I see a man (only that look like these fine specimens) in a kilt. I’ve heard rumors that commando is the way to go in a kilt, but I’d like to see myself. These sound fun and probably books I’d enjoy. Thanks Mary! 😉