Speed Date with Faine: WILD DARKNESS by Lauren Dane

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WILD DARKNESS (Bound By Magick #4) by Lauren Dane
Paranormal romance
304 pages, paperback
Available now (November 2013)
Publisher: Berkley
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

The bombing that almost killed Owen witch Molly Ryan has worsened the tensions between the humans and the Others. While the Others desperately campaign to prevent the passage of a law that would strip their people of all rights, the human separatists develop an agenda far worse than anyone imagined. With her position more precarious than ever, security head Helena Jaansen finds herself relying more and more heavily on her personal guard, Faine Leviathan, and, despite her better instincts, falling more deeply into the intimate connection that they share.

As Helena and Faine’s explosive passion grows, a deadly separatist plot is discovered, one which could bring ultimate destruction for the Others, and war breaks out between the two opposing factions. With the Others forced into hiding, Helena must overcome her fear of repeating past failures to save her people—and her heart—before it’s too late…

First Date: Let me start by saying I’ve only read one other book in this series and I was not at all lost. Love when that happens. Almost as good as a guy showing up at the door on a first date with flowers. There’s a battle raging between humans and the Others, one that reaches a breaking point with the bombing of a community center. As head of security, Helena has a lot on her plate and, as her personal guard, so does Faine. Helena is a warrior, whip-smart and determined, traits that totally appeal to Faine. Except she puts everyone else first, determined to protect the Others even at the expense of her own life, a trait that Faine appreciates but dislikes because he wants her safe. He needs her to take care of herself and to let him do his job. Poor Faine. Luckily, he’s man enough to deal with all Helena has to offer, even with her wont to put herself in harms’ way.

Second Date: Despite his bad-ass exterior, Faine is a lover at heart…and he’s head-over-heels for Helena. Plus, he’s pretty damned sure of himself and knows what he wants, which takes all the game-playing out of the relationship as it moves from purely professional to romantic as well as professional. But the romance wasn’t the main focus of the story. It’s the world exploding around them and reforming itself into a new world filled with both humans and Others. I liked seeing how all the pieces come together and the secondary characters who play key roles in the resolution of this series.

Third Date: This isn’t a raging, crazy love. The romance is quieter, more like two friends (in this case, colleagues) realizing that there’s something more between them and stepping over that line, hands joined. The world around them might be falling apart but their relationship only grows stronger. Kind of makes me want to grab Faine by the hand and drag him into a deep kiss, just to cement our relationship.

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28 Responses to “Speed Date with Faine: WILD DARKNESS by Lauren Dane”

  1. I don’t really read paranormal romance, but I do love Lauren Dane, especially her Brown Siblings contemporary series. Besides, this type of quiet romance is perfect for my current mood… and my every mood, really.

  2. I love when it is a quieter romance. Those are the ones that scream “I will be with you forever”! Now about Faine…I may have to take him from you 🙂

  3. Even though the cover doesn’t really suggest a quieter romance, I’m glad to hear that’s the case. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something just like this, something a bit more subtle but no less powerful and I’m already a little in love with Faine. I just love the setup of him being her personal guard. Must read this Mary!

  4. I almost skipped over this review when I saw #4 in the series but I love that you’re able to jump in.

    The romance sounds like something I would enjoy.

  5. A quieter romance sounds good, as well as there being no games. I never would have considered this before, but now I don’t know… it sounds pretty good!

  6. Looking at that cover, I would have thought this was more passionate, rip your clothes off, alpha possessive romance (not that I mind that, it has it’s charms), but I’m happy to hear this has a quieter, friends-to-lovers vibe. This actually sounds lovely and perfect –> ” The romance is quieter, more like two friends (in this case, colleagues) realizing that there’s something more between them and stepping over that line, hands joined.” And thank the lordy you don’t have to be caught up to read it. I’m hopeless about keeping up with series! Great speed date! 🙂

  7. I love that you can skip around the series and not be lost. Not that I do that or anything… *cough*

    I do like those kind of romances. You don’t get them too often in books like this. I’m so going to have to try this series!

  8. I have learned to skip around in a series and not read them in order when pressed for time. If it is a good strong series it shouldn’t be an issue, right? I am glad that this one falls into that category. The romance sounds pretty darn good too!

  9. I love that you can drop into this series here and there and still have a strong sense of the world and overall story arc..these are my favorite type of series. I go wrap myself up in this romance too..I love when the heat burns low but the flames are strong.

  10. Ah it’s one of those series where characters are different each book. Interesting thought! Faine sounds wonderful. The plot sounds great! I am okay with quieter romance.

  11. I’ve never heard of this series before, and I certainly love paranormal romance. Good to hear that you can pick up any of the books and not be lost.

    Heather @ Bewitched Bookworms

  12. I love it when a series is more companion stories so that you can just jump and enjoy it! I love danger, suspense all wrapped up in one. Helena and Faine’s romance sounds lovely! Flowers on the first date? Win! 🙂