ToT and Review: BORN WILD by Julie Ann Walker

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I swear I’ve ToT-ed this one before but probably just saw it on someone else’s ToT post. Either way, doesn’t this cover deserve a second posting? I mean, look at those abs…those tats…that bike…and those pants about to fall off his perfectly sculpted hips…you just can’t go wrong with it. And to whoever designed the cover: EXCELLENT text placement. It doesn’t hide ANY of the good bits!! Now, go teach all the other cover designers how to do this. Thanks.

BORN WILD (Black Knights Inc. #5) by Julie Ann Walker
Romantic suspense
352 pages, paperback
Available now (November 2013)
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

She’s got three rules:

1. Trust no one… Eve Edens has been abandoned, used, or manipulated by almost everyone she’s ever met. Born into ridiculous wealth, she’s dealt with the petty jealousies and sordid little resentments for nearly thirty years. But after three botched attempts on her life, she can no longer ignore the truth. Someone wants her dead.

2. Avoid the bad boys at all costs… William “Wild Bill” Reichert, the wonderfully sexy boy who abandoned her years ago, is back in town. Only he’s no boy. Now he’s a covert operative – and he’s all man. When Eve hires Bill to help her discover who is behind the attacks, Bill soon comes to suspect it’s someone much closer to Eve than she dares to believe.

3. And never fall for the same ruse twice… The search for the killer takes Bill and Eve deep into the dark secrets and strange world of the rich and famous, and into the heart of red-hot passion re-ignited by the peril that threatens to consume them both. But does Eve dare risk her heart on Bill a second time?

Oh, Eve, you poor little rich girl. People just want to use you for your money and would rather you die than live. Bless your heart. Luckily for you, your old boyfriend, you know, the one who you ditched when he was in BUD/S training and unable to contact you ASAP (granted, she was pushed into dating someone else by her father but, get a backbone, girl. Sheesh), anyway, he’s semi-willing to help you out and bring you into the Black Knights secret man cave to protect you from your would-be killer.

Money and beauty make life so hard, don’t they? *snort*

I seem to be drawn to romances that have ex-military covert ops dudes as MCs. There’s just something about a military man, you know? “Wild Bill” is obviously quite resentful with Eve, which makes for some most excellent sparks between the two of them as they work through their issues while trying to figure out who wants Eve dead. It takes a while for him to get past those 12 years of hurt and bitterness though, while he’s working through his feelings, he’s got new feels for Eve. Oh, the dilemma. 

If only Eve weren’t so whiny. Bill deserves better, even if she was his first love. However, I loved the dynamics between Bill and the rest of his team and the set-up of the Black Knights so I think I’ll check out the others in this series. From what I’ve heard, the other romances are a bit better than this one.

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18 Responses to “ToT and Review: BORN WILD by Julie Ann Walker”

  1. OOOOH! I’m with you, Mary – I love the adult series’ with military guys. Something seriously hot about a guy in (and out) of uniform. πŸ˜‰ I really want to read this series now!

  2. This cover definitely deserves a re-post Mary! *pets his naked torso lovingly* She always has delicious covers:) I’m thinking this will not be my favorite book in this series though because I’m pretty irritated with Eve just from your review, and I tend to hold a mean grudge, so Eve doesn’t stand much of a chance with me. Particularly because like you, I’m a HUGE fan of military heroes and I always feel protective of them for some reason, so I second your thought that he deserves better:)

  3. I saw this cover recently too. I love the colors – the grays and blues work nicely together and let you concentrate on the guy lol

    I like the idea of a cold military guy who cracks under the pressure of lurve. too bad Eve wasn’t worthy

  4. It might have been me! I know I made it a ToT! Great minds and all… πŸ˜€

    Yea, this one wasn’t my fave romance. It just felt too squished together or something. I didn’t think she would be so whiny since she seemed to grow in the other editions. Still, gotta love that cover. πŸ™‚

    • It probably was you! I KNEW I’d seen it before, just couldn’t remember when. The cover was worth the read, for sure, even if the story didn’t turn out all that fantastic.