Waiting On: THE UNFORGIVEN by Alyssa Day

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I loved the first one in this series (The Cursed) and cannot WAIT to see what’s up with Luke and Rio. The pair of them sound like they’re in some seriously hot water in this second installment. However, I hope that they really don’t learn to control those “fires of passion” — hot is GOOD!

While I like the pair walking down a street with the city aflame behind them, what is up with their expressions? Dazed and confused…and missing shirts and clothing that actually covers anything. *snort*

THE UNFORGIVEN (The League of the Black Swan #2) by Alyssa Day
Paranormal Romance
Expected publication: May 6, 2014
Publisher: Berkley

Luke Oliver isn’t an ordinary private eye; he’s the Dark Wizard of Bordertown—the dimensional fold in Manhattan between the human, Fae, and demonic realms—and he keeps the peace when nobody else can. But he has fallen in love with the heiress to two thrones, and neither the Fae nor the demon royalty want him near their princess.

On her birthday, Rio Jones discovered that she’s royalty on both sides of her bloodline and inherited the powerful magic of starlight. She’s a bike messenger turned princess, and now she has sworn a year of service to the deadly League of the Black Swan in order to stay neutral between her two battling families.

When Rio inherits an unexpected treasure trove containing an impossibly rare and coveted dragon egg, and a former enemy comes back to life in a startling way, it will take every bit of Luke’s strength and magic, and Rio’s ingenuity, just to keep her alive. As they battle enemies—both strangers and family—Luke and Rio must learn to control the fires of passion raging between them, because a single moment of distraction might be their last.

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10 Responses to “Waiting On: THE UNFORGIVEN by Alyssa Day”

  1. Dragon egg? There are dragons in this book? Or just eggs? This book sounds fantastic even without the dragons, but dragons would really push this one right over the top of Awesome for me:) I’m definitely going to have to check out the first book Mary!

  2. Look at that guy rocking the 80s Hair! Yes I was distracted by that and almost missed the dragon egg. I can’t pass up a book about dragon eggs that might be dragons in the future!

  3. How is it that I know the name Alyssa Day but don’t think I’ve ever heard of The Cursed? Ah, well. I think these sound great, I should probably give book 1 a chance since you liked it that much. We tend to enjoy the same books.

  4. I need to read The Cursed. Sounds like an awesome series, and for all our sakes I also hope they don’t learn to control the fires of passion. This cover is kind of hilarious, this might be an e-reader buy for me. 🙂