Top Off Tuesday: FATAL STRIKE by Shannon McKenna

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Started by FeliciaChristi and Amanda, Top Off Tuesday is where a bunch of us share hot-hot-hot book covers (some we’ve read, some we’ve just drooled on). Head over to Felicia’s blog to share your ToT link and see what everyone else is swooning over.

Tall, dark and handsome…but not with the best fashion sense. I mean, who wears a tactical vest on bare skin? The chafing would be terrible! Poor boy. He’d need someone to rub lotion into his owies.

Now, I haven’t read any of this series but it actually sounds pretty good. Might have to check it out and report back.

Romantic suspense with paranormal elements
400 pages, paperback
Available now (September 2013)
Publisher: Kensington

When Lara Kirk was abducted months ago, Miles Davenport vowed he’d bring her home. But the mission failed. Miles has become totally obsessed; he can practically hear Lara pleading for him to save her. Finding her after all this time will be next to impossible…Lara Kirk lives in a shadowy world where reality and fantasy are one. Her captors have poisoned her body with concoctions that enhance psychic abilities–and they seem to be working. 

To escape, Lara has formed a deep attachment with a man whose virile, sensual presence in her mind is her only comfort. She’s not even sure if he’s real–until the six-foot-five-inch powerhouse bursts in to rescue her…Once freed, Lara has no choice but to trust Miles with her life as they run from enemies too twisted to imagine. But they’re also fighting a dangerous attraction that could kill–or save–them both. Either way, it’s going to be a hell of a ride…

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18 Responses to “Top Off Tuesday: FATAL STRIKE by Shannon McKenna”

  1. Ha I’ve never seen someone where a tactical vest on bare skin either, but I really don’t mind 😉 Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous cover with us Mary!

  2. Um. Yes Mary. Just yes. Can this guy be at BEA next year? Because I would very much like to take a picture with him. And also hire him to me my bodyguard even though I have absolutely no need for one. He can just sit shirtless and armed like that and watch me work. Win.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love Shannon McKenna! Or at least I used to, for some reason her last couple of McCloud books were kind of a let down. But she had some great books before that, and I love the chemistry between her leads. I didn’t know this was coming out, so thanks for the heads up!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


    ready for it


    that is all 🙂

  5. Haha, it sounds like we need to give all the cover hotties uncomfortable clothing so we can have the excuse of rubbing lotion into their owies later. I like the way your brain works Mary!