Blog Tour: THE GREAT PANTY CAPER (A Schultz Sisters Mystery) by Tawna Fenske

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THE GREAT PANTY CAPER (A Schultz Sisters Mystery) by Tawna Fenske
Romantic Suspense
99 pages, ebook (novella)
Publisher: Collioquy
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

JJ Shultz is torn between two hot men. So what’s a girl to do? Prolong the decision and escape to Seattle, of course! Especially when sister Lori invites her to a fashion trade show.

But their plans for a weekend of cocktails and sisterly bonding go south when Lori’s panties disappear from their hotel room. It’s not just any pair of unmentionables – it’s Lori’s only prototype for a new product she’s almost ready to reveal.

Determined to find Lori’s treasured trunks, the sisters set out to track down the thief, with the help of some friends at home, a few quirky new acquaintances, and a cat who can’t stop himself from shedding all over the evidence.

What’s Cool from Coliloquy

In The Great Panty Caper, Lori’s considering a weekend fling and you get to decide just how far she goes with tall, dark, and handsome. Dinner and flirting, or more? It’s up to you! In the meantime, JJ needs a little help figuring out which of her boyfriends to call for some sleuthing tips. Can she resist the urge to phone her hot English man? Or will the all-American hunk fulfill her needs?

Yep. (Credit: Reddit)

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from way back when (or are you too young? Spring chicken.)? Collioquy and Tawna Fenske have taken this old school style, spiced it up for the adult crowd and renamed it “interactive fiction”. How awesome is that? And just think of the possibilities (some of which Fenske has already explored). Pick a guy to sleep with? Done. Confront your evil boss or spit in her coffee? Bam. Flirt that hottie at the bar or get another drink? (Hey, don’t laugh at that one. Social lubrication is a necessity before I even consider flirting, mostly because I completely suck at it.) Of course, if you’re anything like me, you’ll go back and read all the possibilities…

The Great Panty Caper, book three in the Schultz Sisters series, catches up with the sassy sisters at a convention where Lori hopes to promote her new bag for ladies, which carries everything needed for an active woman on the go. A condom, toothbrush, next-day panties…you know. So you can do the walk of shame in style with fresh breath and fresh undies. The names the sisters come up for the bag are a hoot but I was kind of hoping they’d use the name S.L.U.T. bag (Single Ladies’ Utility Tote), as one of my friend calls her bag (yes, she really has one. She’s a safety girl.).

But the one-of-a-kind panties from Lori’s kit are stolen, and the girls are hot on the trail of the thief. More a mystery than a romance (though there are two super-sexy guys waiting back home for JJ, the lucky girl!), this story rollicks along as the sisters stick their noses in places they shouldn’t and try to figure out who snatched the thong…and why. There’s plenty of hilarious banter (I seriously want to go drinking with these two) and sisterly ribbing as well as a fun, solid mystery. Alrighty, Tawna, I’m ready for more Schultz sisters, please! Love these innuendo-filled mysteries (they *do* need to be longer, though, so I can hang out with the sisters for more time)!

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15 Responses to “Blog Tour: THE GREAT PANTY CAPER (A Schultz Sisters Mystery) by Tawna Fenske”

  1. I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid! (Unfortunately, I’m not too young to remember them) To have them available as an adult, written FOR adults, is almost a dream come true, lol. My inner geek is squealing.
    Lol, stolen panties sure make a great mystery. I need to know how that ends. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Mary.

  2. OMG this sounds like to much fun. I loved the pick my own adventures. Of course, it was probably because I could make one book feel like 4 or 5 🙂

  3. I loved those choose-your-adventure books! I mostly did it with the Goosebumps books (80% of the time I died, not sure what that says about my decision making skills), but I could go for a smexy, adult version. Kudos to the author and publisher!

    This book sounds adorable and like a fun way to pass the time. 😀

  4. I used to love the choose your own adventure books Mary! Except I would choose a path and stick with it, and I never took the time to go back and read the other possibilities. Fail. I would definitely do so now though, and this just sounds like too much fun to pass up. SLUT bag. *snort*

  5. I’ve never heard of choose your adventure books. I’m sure I would make it boring though. I would pick my guy, find the panties and be done lol

  6. I seriously thought this was middle grade book from the cover until I started reading your review, lol! I guess it’s SO completely NOT a middle grade read! This sounds like a lot of fun, Mary and I’d probably read all the possibilities, too! Great fun review! 🙂

  7. I never did like choose your own adventure books. When I would read the other adventures I would already know how it came out, thus my dislike. This one though sounds good enough to read all the possibilities and still be entertained though. 😀 Might have to give this one a try. 😀

  8. Oh, I loved Choose Your Own Adventure as a kid! Although I admit I always cheated and went through all the different avenues to see what could happen too, and I bet I’d do that with something like this, hah. The idea of doing this for a romance is cute, though–I never would have guessed the content by that cover.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  9. Oh yes I remember those books they were terrible for me because I was exactly like you and had to read every single instance of every decision haha. And really it just wasn’t as fun I find. This is cool though I didn’t know there were adult ones. I’m just curious enough to give one a try. >.<

  10. Choose your own adventure books were cool, and this cozy sounds like a lot of fun. I like that is has humor and cute romance wrapped in the with the mystery.Wonderful review Mary!

  11. The choose your own adventure books always frustrated me, because I just wanted a story, I didn’t want to CHOOSE! But I think they were great for reluctant readers. I might be curious of this one just cause it’s adult. It sounds fun!

  12. I used to love choose your own adventure books when I was younger, but clearly this is the cyoa I’ve been waiting for. But you’re right S.L.U.T. bag is SUCH a better name. Love it! 🙂