Top Off Tuesday: DARK WOLF RUNNING by Rhyannon Byrd

Posted 24 September, 2013 | Mary @ TheBookSwarm | | 13 Comments

Started by FeliciaChristi and Amanda, Top Off Tuesday is where a bunch of us share hot-hot-hot book covers (some we’ve read, some we’ve just drooled on). Head over to Felicia’s blog to share your ToT link and see what everyone else is swooning over.

I know this cover isn’t technically a “Top Off” but I felt it was ToT-worthy… I mean, where else are you going to find a constipated-looking woman in a red negligee riding a well-toned man in a tank top in the middle of the forest? On Top Off Tuesday, that’s where!

DARK WOLF RUNNING (Bloodrunners #5) by Rhyannon Byrd
Paranormal Romance
304 pages, paperback
Available December 3, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne

With his sharp gaze locked on the most magnificent female he’d ever seen, Wyatt Pallaton did his best to hold himself back. Of course, Elise Drake was hardly just any female. Fiery and cool, strong, yet at the same time achingly vulnerable, she’d turned his entire world on its head.

No matter how bloody difficult it proved to be, he was done letting her pretend he didn’t even exist. Done with letting her fight her own battles. Done driving himself slowly into this maddening state of frustrated desire. One way or another, things were about to change.

Come hell or high water, she was done running….

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13 Responses to “Top Off Tuesday: DARK WOLF RUNNING by Rhyannon Byrd”

  1. Ahahah, she totally does look constipated! At first I felt cheated out of a large torso to drool over, but then I took a closer look at him and wow, my mood improved instantly. And I agree with Alison about his reflection. Yum.

  2. That pose is something special isn’t it? *sigh* I feel as though my life is complete now that I’ve seen a cover wherein both people look as though they’ve stopped to go the bathroom in the woods. Bathroom pit stops = ROMANCE:)

  3. ROFL! I love your descriptions! πŸ˜€ I’m with Jenny and started to think… like in TV… no one ever poops. Now we know why! The lady has told us. Constipation. Hm… my comment sure took a turn… πŸ˜›

  4. Your tuesday posts always make me incredibly happy :). The composition on this one is pretty bad. And why is that guy covering up his chest with a tank top? I want to know how long it takes you to find these! I bet it’s a fun experience :).

  5. Bwahahahah she does look constipated! Iike the colors they used…. I guess >.< You would be good at Cover Snark like Christina if you ever read those.

  6. “where else are you going to find a constipated-looking woman in a red negligee riding a well-toned man in a tank top in the middle of the forest?” LOL, this cover is hilarious! Love ToT so much, I’m either drooling over my laptop or laughing so hard I snort whatever I’m drinking. Either way it’s a mess. πŸ™‚