Multiple Minis: Scholastic Mish-Mash

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THE DEAD AND BURIED by Kim Harrington
YA Paranormal Mystery
295 pages, hardcover
Available now (January 2013)
Publisher: Scholastic Point
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

First off, yay for a standalone, one that’s easily read in a couple of enjoyable hours. Second, blerg for a love triangle. Seriously, I’m burned out. However, Harrington handles it as well as some other YA-type cliches (like those ever-present mean girls and moving to a new town/school) with aplomb, writing them so they don’t seem cliche and really fit the story. I tend to have a hard time figuring out who the killer is but this one wasn’t that difficult. But, again, I enjoyed the chase that Jade embarked upon and following this sassy, smart character uncover clues to solve the mystery of her house’s haunting.

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SKINNY by Donna Cooner
YA Contemporary
272 pages, hardcover
Available now (October 2012)
Publisher: Scholastic Point
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

I seriously dislike that little voice in my head but at least I’ve both matured and accepted myself enough that it’s not a loud voice. Still, I think that everyone has it in some way. Sometimes, we think people are talking about us when they aren’t. Sometimes, we feel eyes on us judging when, really, they might just be looking. Ever has that voice, which she’s named Skinny. Sadly, Ever’s inner voice is harsh and unyielding and it takes her a while to begin to tune out Skinny. This was a difficult journey but I was happy for Ever, when she finally started to accept herself and not judge herself so harshly. 

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GRAVE IMAGES by Jenny Goebel
MG Mystery
208 pages, hardcover
Available October 29, 2013
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Review copy provided by publisher for honest review

Since moving from middle school to high school level students, I’ve pretty much stopped reading middle grade novels but, when this one came in the mail, I was intrigued. The blurb had kind of a Scooby-Doo meets R.L. Stein vibe and the cover’s adorable. As daughter of monument builders (with tombstones scattered around the back yard), Bernie is no stranger to the thought of death. But when the newly hired artist starts creating stone portraits before people die — and they die shortly after he’s done — Bernie knows that she’s got to figure out what’s going on. See? Cute. And the story within matches. I blew through this one in under two hours and recommend it to middle schoolers who are looking for a little mystery in their lives.

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15 Responses to “Multiple Minis: Scholastic Mish-Mash”

  1. I really liked the Dead and the Burried – however I cannot recall a Love Trinagle anymore… it’s too long ago…

    Skinny sounds great, but these kind of issues books are not alway for me.

  2. I’m glad you liked The Dead and Buried Mary, I really enjoyed that one as well! I just like Kim Harrington’s writing style – I think it’s easy and flows well and I’m always drawn into her stories. I don’t read much (okay, any) middle grade, but Grave Images sounds like such a fun read and perfect for Halloween. I’m definitely recommending it to my cousins:)

  3. I enjoyed The Dead and Buried, too, Mary. It didn’t knock my socks off but it was an entertaining read. I’m completely over love triangles but I don’t remember one in there. Goes to show you how much of an impression the book made on me.

    I’m not one for middle grade reads much anymore, but I understand reading it if it landed on your doorstep. Sometimes they can be quite fun, though, and this one actually does sound good. A creepy mystery always attracts me! 🙂

  4. Out of these three books I definitely think that Skinny would be my sort of read, I find myself more drawn towards books which deal with real life tough issues is a realistic way. Thanks for sharing your mini reviews with us Mary!

  5. I think I can deal with triangles better than cliffies and mean girls. 😛 Still not a fan though. At least none of these were bad and I think you have me curious on the MG book. I don’t read many of those either, but I do like having recommendations for cousins!

  6. Grave Images looks cute, I might actually have an ARC of that one, I’ll have to poke around and see if I can find it.
    I do like Kim Harrington’s writing, it’s kind of simple but works well. I’m not DYING to read this one, but I’m a bit curious and plan to read it. One day.

  7. Well – at least if there’s a love triangle it’s resolved in one book. Those dragged out for years triangles kill me. lol I won’t even read them anymore.

    I enjoyed Skinny. I had a few issues with it but it was an interesting take on that topic.

  8. You know, I read Skinny a while back, and it was my least favourite book in regards to eating disorders that I’ve read thus far. Something about it really just irked me. I haven’t read the other two titles you’ve got here though, and I’m definitely intrigued now! Great minis, Mary!

  9. Grave Images looks really cute. Unrelated question – do you think there’s a big difference between 8th and 9th graders in maturity? From my own memory, it seemed like the second I started high school, so many things got better. And I went to high school with the exactly same people in the exact same building as my middle school.

  10. I hate when I guess mysteries before the end, but I’m glad you enjoyed The Dead and Buried overall. I agree, Ever’s voice is harsh, but I also liked where she ended up in Skinny. And Grave Images sounds so cute! Scooby Doo + RL Stine, how can I resist that?