First Day of School!

Posted 22 August, 2013 | Mary @ TheBookSwarm | | 18 Comments

School’s back in session and yesterday was the first day back for my little high school darlings. This year, I’ve got four Journalism I classes and two combo classes of Journalism II and III students — the yearbook/newspaper crew. The JI babies (mostly freshmen but some sophomores, juniors and seniors thrown in for good measure) are wide-eyed at the moment and not sure what they’ve gotten themselves into. My JII and III kiddos are returns from last year (yay, I didn’t scare them *all* off!) and they’re excited to get going.

When I finally made it home, I collapsed into a heap on my couch and took a nap. Getting back on schedule is brutal!

Because my brain has been scrubbed, wrung dry and hung out in the sun (or rain, as that’s all we’ve been getting in South Carolina), I’m gonna have to stand my poor Speed Date up today. I’m sure he’ll survive. Maybe he’ll even be kind enough to meet back up next week. Me, I’ll be back on track Monday (or Friday, if tomorrow goes really well and I don’t need a nap-y!). This weekend’s plans involve a nap, writing lesson plans for the week and writing enough reviews/posts to cover the next week (more, if I don’t take too many naps!).

For all of you who work in education, are sending off a wee’un to school this fall or are just happy to see all those big yellow busses carting the noisemakers off to get an edumacation, I hope you have a fantastic school year!

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18 Responses to “First Day of School!”

  1. Woot for being back to school and I’m still excited for your new teaching adventures. Plus, why the heck would you scare them off – I’m sure they love you!!

  2. Oh, yes, that first week back at school is exhausting. I start next week and I’m already anticipating the naps. And I always get sick at the beginning of the school year, while my immune system gets used to being around kids all the time again. Take care of yourself, Mary–though it sounds like you’ve got that covered! Happy napping.

  3. Happy Belated First Day of School Mary! I’m sorry you’re so tired but hopefully this year has awesome things in store for you and your students:) Enjoy your nap!!!

  4. I started back Wednesday with workshops. I go four days next week and then the kids start on the 3rd. Just trying to get my room in order right now!

  5. I don’t think I knew you were a teacher. Or maybe I did. Either way yay for back to school! I loved the first day back as a student. My sister is a teacher but she’s only starting again next week and school is only in session the week after.

  6. Hope you have a wonderful school year! All the back to school blog posts are simultaneously exciting and sad for me, because I love school, but summer is pretty much OVER. And so are the days of carefree reading for me. Hope you enjoyed your nap, and that you squeeze as many as you need into your schedule. 🙂