During the summer, when I’m not blogging…

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During the summer, after the end of the school year, it takes me at least a month if not more to de-stress. I mean, I enjoy my job but, dead lord, it’s seriously stressful. This summer, I’ve done very little because the school year has been one of the hardest and most challenging I’ve had in my entire 14 years of teaching (seriously).

It’s also rained more here in South Carolina than it has in the past 12 summers I’ve lived here. So, I’m reading. Or, when it’s sunny, hanging out in the lake. Seriously, I try to do as little as possible during the months of June and July because it helps me regenerate those brain cells that I’ve exploded during the school year due to overuse and stress.

And my dogs join me. We celebrate ‘merica and stuff.

The sunset is particularly fantastic. Especially when we travel up to Bomb Island and visit the Purple Martin birds that flock to Lake Murray by the thousands (over 700,000 birds come to roost on this little island in the middle of the lake by the end of July. It’s crazypants). And then we play Patriotic Dog as the flag flies and the sun sets in the background.

Of course, there’s nothing like a nice frosty adult beverage to cool that thirst as we travel around Lake Murray. Blue toes and a suspicious dog complete the picture (ah, if only I had a book. That would make it absolute perfection).

Then, when we’re home, we play out in the yard. Until we want to come in. Then we make weird faces through the screen door, because that makes Mom, who’s inside and enjoying a cold beverage of some sort and probably eating, move faster (ha).

When we’re done with our good times in the sun, we snuggle on the couch are read. Despite the heat, the pups enjoy staring. For hours until someone pets them. Or until someone (like me) yells at them to go lay down.

Quite possibly the best way to end a perfect summer day…

So, how’s your summer going? (Seriously, I hate how quickly summer moves. I swear it was the beginning of June just a week ago!)

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17 Responses to “During the summer, when I’m not blogging…”

  1. I miss you!!!!
    but I love these pictures! I truly have to see this sunddown at some point… and your doggies? are the cutest!

    I’m so insanely busy this year… usually summer terms are much slower than winter terms which are usually fully packed. But this year my summer term was just super busy so while you are already out recharging. I envy you, because I still need my time to calm down and relax!


  2. “suspicious dog” – lol!

    I am glad that you take the time to relax. It makes sense and we have to take care of ourselves or we are going to circle the drain on the job. Us helping peoples need to de-stress, fo sho!

  3. OMG YOUR DOGS!!! They’re so stinkin’ cute, Mary! I’m glad to see you’re having a lovely summer, though I do agree that the summer goes too darn fast. I swear it was just winter in New Hamsphire, and now we’re nearing the end of summer. Blergh!

  4. It seems like you’re having the best time, Mary! I’d be jealous, but then again, I’m pretty much doing the same thing. Beach, books, animals, kid. Nothing like it. 🙂
    We’re definitely enjoying it while we can.

  5. Mary, I was just thinking the same thing about summer. How is it almost over? *makes crazy eyes*

    It looks like you’re having a great time, though. And that’s GOOD. You DESERVE to have an awesome, relaxing summer. 🙂

  6. We’ve had so many overcast and rainy days this summer. It’s been sort of depressing but this weekend was gorgeous and the butterflies were everywhere in my garden so I spent it out on my lanai reading with my dogs and cat.

  7. Yes! My dogs do the stare too! It’s hard to get any type of work done when I can just feel their eyes on me. It’s actually happening right now as I leave this comment. They think I should take them for a walk, but I keep trying to reason with them. I’m all “Mom needs to do work for at least another hour and then we’ll go okay?”. It doesn’t help with the staring:) Your babies are so cute, I just want to hug them. And I want to be on that boat with you. Just saying.

  8. I wish I could be that chill. Sadly my job is 12 months of the year, even though I work in education. But I’d take cuddle time with my fur babies, a good book, frosty beverage, & some Firefly any time. 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh your dogs are absolutely adorable! Of course they know they just have to stare to get someone to pet them, how could you not want to pet those sweet pups when they’re looking at you like that? I’m glad you’re relaxing and hitting the lake to unwind, I feel like we don’t get enough time to decompress and lord knows teachers deserve it! Is that Firefly I see in the background? JELLY! 🙂

  10. The only part I hate about summer is the unwavering HEAT. Especially here in TX, phew. I’m glad you get some time off, though! Your dogs are totally cute – hope you’re relaxing as you should be!

  11. Summer HAS gone fast! I don’t like the heat in summer, but I like the summer activities if it’s not too hot. I guess we don’t really do too much. But it looks like you’re having fun!

  12. Um, I see Firefly on in the back of that last picture and if the dogs hadn’t done it, that now cements my love of you.