Three shows you may not have heard of…but should watch

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So far this summer has been spent reading (my to be reviewed pile is beyond ridiculous. Probably why I continue to procrastinate. I’ll write some reviews…tomorrow. Try to chip away at that list that has me hiding. Seriously, it’s like some ever-growing monster that is stalking me!), hanging on a noodle in the lake with a cold beer in my hand (now *that* is summer!), and watching TV (rainy days only. It’s too pretty to be inside otherwise!).

There’s some seriously great stuff out there in TV land. Granted, it’s not at all balanced by the amount of utter crap and drek but at least there’s some! And some of it, you may not have heard of. Allow me to share my very (un)scientific findings with you:

1) LOST GIRL (SyFy, comes back in 2014)
Originally a Canadian show (yay, Canada!), Lost Girl traveled to the US, the UK and Australia via the SyFy channel a couple of years ago. Bo, our main character, is a succubus who doesn’t know what she is or much about her past until she stumbles into the wrong town and drains a random guy, leaving him dead and smiling. At that point, Dyson (hot wolf shifter — I adore the tattoo down the spine of his back — and cop) and his partner, Hale come on the scene, tracking her down to prevent her from feeding illegally again. Bo also picks up Kenzie, a sarcastic and street-smart human, who becomes her best friend. Fun, and filled with plenty of heat (ooh! some of those scenes *fans self*), Lost Girl has super-hot Fae of all kinds, humor, and lots of action. You can NetFlix this one and catch up with the first two seasons. It’s super-addictive!

2) LONGMIRE (A&E, Mondays @ 10pm)
And you thought I only watched fantasy/scifi/urban fantasy-type shows! Nope. I love a good mystery, too, and Longmire hits the spot. The story follows Walt Longmire, a grizzly and weathered Wyoming sheriff who’s just trying to do right by those in his county while getting over the murder of his wife. He’s also up for reelection and his brash (but hot), young deputy is running against him. So well-written and interesting (did you know there’s a population of French folks who immigrated and settled out there? I did not know that!). Plus, Katee Sackhoff is on it as one of the deputies — you know, Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica? — and she’s fantastic!  You can NetFlix the first season of this show and watch the second season now.

3) ORPHAN BLACK (BBC America, back in the Fall)
This was a brand new series in the BBC America Spring lineup and, damn, it was good. Sarah’s just living her life (pretty badly, I might add) until she sees a woman who looks exactly like her jump in front of a train. Being a thief and a con artist, she snatches the woman’s wallet and takes over her life. Granted, it’s not quite as simple as all that because, it turns out, Sarah’s just one of many clones. Yep. You heard that right. And someone’s trying to kill them all. My favorite clone is the uptight housewife, Allison. That scene where she tortures her husband with a hot glue gun will stick in my memory for quite a long while! Anyway, there are so many twists and turns to this one it’s amazing. The actress, Tatiana Manslany, slides effortlessly from one character to the next, becoming cop-mother-con-scientist-psychotic and more as easily as we breathe (or so it seems). Fantastic. It’s not on Netflix, but it’s definitely worth your while to track down this first amazing season. I can only hope they don’t get too tangled up and lose the magic of this first season (as so often happens with this type of show).

So, any shows that I might not have heard of but should add to my queue this summer?

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  1. Lost Girl looks great!! Totally need to check it out.. but damn I am so behind on TV shows! And I still haven’t even started with True Blood and Games of Thrones!

  2. I haven’t watched any of these, but Mary, you need to watch Rookie Blue! Canadian cop drama…trust me…it’s worth it! Also, now is the perfect time to catch up on Hannibal, which is a pretty amazing freaking tv show 🙂

  3. Ummmm did you say hot wolf shifter? That’s all I need to know about Lost Girl! A back tattoo is really just icing on the cake of awesome:) I need to start watching this show asap! And Orphan Black too, you’re the third person to mention it in a week, so clearly I’m missing out on something great!

  4. I’m behind on my Lost Girl. Suddenly I couldn’t find it and got so far behind. I tried Longmire, but it just didn’t take with me. I might try it again. I’m curious about Orphan Black. Hm… might have to see if I can find it on the telly (had to say telly since it’s BBC). 🙂

  5. I’ll have to start watching LOST GIRL and LONGMIRE on netflix soon (I’ve been very curious about both, so I’m glad to hear that they’re good). I keep hearing so many great things about ORPHAN BLACK, but it’s such a hard show to track down at a reasonable price. I’ll get around to watching it eventually, though.

    Great post!

    • I REALLY enjoyed both of them — so different but so fantastic. Orphan Black is BBC America so probably will be on Netflix or something streaming soon (hopefully).

  6. You’ve probably heard of it already, but I am LOVING American Horror Story right now. I marathoned both seasons and am totally obsessed. It’s a bit violent and edgy at certain moments, but I still enjoy it. If you like horror/thrillers and dark creepy drama then you should definitely check it out. 😀

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick

  7. Oooh this is JUST the post I need right now! I’m all caught up on everything and seeking to fill my evening TV void, and not with crappy sitcoms. These all sound awesome! I have heard good things about Orphan Black, but Lost Girl and Longmire are totally new to me. I will never say no to hot Fae, so I’m all over Lost Girl. 🙂 And Starbuck’s in Longmire? I miss her, and she keeps choosing shows that get cancelled. I hope this show sticks around. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’ve never heard of Orphan Black, but all you have to do is use the letters BBC and I’ll give it a go. What’s that? BBC America? Well, I’m still going to watch it.

    Have you seen Continuum? It’s a Canadian SciFi show that’s on Netflix right now, though I think the second season is airing right now. I also really liked Being Erica, though maybe not every season.

  9. I think I’ve heard of all these but haven’t watched any. I like the sound of Orphan Black-I just never taped it even though it was on after Doctor Who. I enjoy British shows a lot and I think it would have appealed to me.

  10. I’ve heard either really good or really bad things about Lost Girl… I think I definitely want to check it out, but I’m looking for something right now to watch with my Mom and anything with too much sex I just… CAN’T watch with my Mom around, haha.

    Longmire sounds so interesting, and there are so many good actors in it!!