The End of Google Reader

Posted 30 June, 2013 | Mary @ TheBookSwarm | | 5 Comments

As you’ve probably heard, Google Reader is shutting down. Tomorrow. (Let’s pause for a moment of silence to mourn its passing.) 

Anyway, if you haven’t already, make sure you import your feeds to something else. I’m going with Bloglovin’ for right now (though I’ve heard Feedly’s pretty darned good, too. And there are some others out there as well.) If you’re not sure how to do it, it’s super-easy. Just follow THESE instructions. But do it today ’cause if you wait until tomorrow, you’re going to be out of luck.

Now, as for following new blogs or, if you just happened to miss the deadline and have to go around and re-add all the feeds to a new reader (…which would really suck…), I’m going to highly suggest following blogs in ways other than Google Friend Connect. There are strong rumors out there that GFC  will soon be following Google Reader into the great beyond. As Rachel from Parajunkee pointed out, you can’t even add the GFC widget in Blogger anymore, so I take that as confirmation of those rumors. (There are even some rumors about Blogger going away but I just can’t think about those right now. It’s all too much! I can only stand so much change!)

I’m hooked up to Bloglovin’ and Feedly (see my cute buttons? —> Just two clicks and you’re done!). Come on over! The water’s fine (though I will definitely miss Google Reader. And iGoogle. And Google Friend Connect. Come on, Google. Stop taking away my toys!).

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5 Responses to “The End of Google Reader”

  1. I went with Bloglovin and most people seem to be liking it. It works great for me, it’s much easier to organize and keep trach of. I was never a big fan of Google Reader so I’ll live without. It’s GFC I’ll cry for.. so much work.
    Ah, well.