Bloggiesta — Jumping In Late but Jumping In!

Posted 22 March, 2013 | Mary @ TheBookSwarm | | 25 Comments

This is a last-minute decision but I’m jumping in! I have a lot I need to do around the blog and this is just the kick in the arse I need to get caught up with a lot of stuff. Bloggiesta‘s always a good time — you have some fun challenges and meet a bunch of cool bloggers, too. 

1. Get at least half of my 25 (!!!) reviews I need to write done (and try not to read any *whole* books in the meantime so I don’t add to that astronomical number). Update: SIX down…many more to go!
2. Update review archives. This won’t be updated this weekend. I just don’t have enough time.
3. Get April’s Top Off Tuesday and Waiting On Wednesdays posts done.
4. Check out other options for blog readers since Google’s being a big dick and dropping Reader.   Feedly seems to be a great choice but Blogluvin also seems like a viable option. I’ll probably wait a bit more to see what others choose & recommend (What can I say? I’m happy to let others do the heavy lifting in this case.)
5. Do a couple of challenges.
6. Visit a bunch of new bloggers and say hi.
7. Review contact information and review policy. Done!
8. Add new pages: Fave UF/PNR, Fave YA Not sure if I’m going to get to the “Fave YA” list this weekend but my “Fave UF/PNF” list is up! Inspired by Chloe Neill’s The Reading List, I decided to do something similar. These aren’t linked to my reviews (though that would be something else I’ll add later…).

Participating? Say hi! Or check it out: Bloggiesta! Ole!

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25 Responses to “Bloggiesta — Jumping In Late but Jumping In!”

  1. Wooot! GO MARY!
    When I read your first point: Get at least half of my 25 (!!!) reviews I need to write done (and try not to read any *whole* books in the meantime so I don’t add to that astronomical number).

    I was already done lol… And gosh, you are awesome if you really do this I bow for you! Gosh… I truly should do this too, I’m too weak Mary.. I am too weak!

  2. OMG, I’m three reviews behind and in a total state of panic! How can you remember 25 books enough to review them? I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I promise, I admire your determination AND your memory.
    Like Melissa, I have the pom poms ready.

    • LOL–I totally get you. That’s why I take notes! It’s the only way I can get back into the book enough to remember it fully. 🙂

      I CAN’T GET THIS FAR BEHIND AGAIN!! It’s crazy. But I’ve been reading a lot more than reviewing (obviously) so, yeah. I’m in this lovely position. *sigh*

      Thanks for the cheerleading!

  3. SO wanted to do Bloggiesta this time around, but a stupid stomach virus knocked me out all day yesterday and this morning. Even though I’m late, I’m still going to try. I’m so behind on reviews, it’s ridiculous. I think I have like 30 to write. FOR SHAME!

  4. Happy Bloggiesta! I hope you’re able to get caught up with your reviews. I’ve been there 😉 Good luck with all of your tasks. I hope you’re having a great weekend!