Speed date with Rory: THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH by Maureen Johnson

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YA Paranormal Mystery
304 pages, hardcover
Available February 26, 2013
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Review copy provided by publisher

After her near-fatal run-in with the Jack the Ripper copycat, Rory Devereaux has been living in Bristol under the close watch of her parents. So when her therapist suddenly suggests she return to Wexford, Rory jumps at the chance. But Rory’s brush with the Ripper touched her more than she thought possible: she’s become a human terminus, with the power to eliminate ghosts on contact. She soon finds out that the Shades—the city’s secret ghost-fighting police—are responsible for her return. The Ripper may be gone, but now there is a string of new inexplicable deaths threatening London. Rory has evidence that the deaths are no coincidence. Something much more sinister is going on, and now she must convince the squad to listen to her before it’s too late.

First date: After all she went through in the first book, Rory’s a tad bit traumatized. But she’s having a bit more difficulty dealing with her overprotective parents and not having contact with her Spook Squad back in London more than anything else. Seeing ghosts? Not such a big deal. Dis-aparating them with a touch? Yeah, that’s a bit of an issue. And enough for me to want a second date.

Second date: Rory gets her way and heads back to London and Wexford. She rambles around, trying to regain contact with her old friends, catch up on all the missing schoolwork she didn’t bother to do when she was “out”, and basically get back into the swing of things. This date? A bit of a yawner. Sure, there’s been a mysterious murder or two but it’s not exciting, especially when Rory solves one of them in a split second.

Third date: As much a yawner as the second date, sadly. If this was real life, I would have used my BFF emergency out (Oh, come on, all of you have one. Friend calls, “needs” you — if the date’s going badly, oops! Gotta go rescue my friend!). I’m hoping the next book in the series picks things back up and puts the EE! back into eerie, like the first one.

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12 Responses to “Speed date with Rory: THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH by Maureen Johnson”

  1. Still need to read the first book but people seem to love her books.. I’m usually not a ghost person which is why I shy away from this book …

  2. *giggles* You wished for an emergency out for this book Mary! That made me snort. It’s a shame this one is so slow, the premise and cover are both so eerie and intriguing, I had hopes that it would be a really creepy thriller. The next time you need an out with a book, text me and I’ll have an emergency for you:)

  3. I just read a review of the first book and decided to give this series another try. I think I’ll just stop after the first book, though. I’m sorry this was a disappointment. i hate it when that happens, especially when the expectations are high.

  4. Oh no, I’m also reviewing this soon and may need to use the BFF bail out! This sucks because I liked the first book. I hope the third book is better!

  5. Your speed dates never fail to make me giggle, Mary. 🙂 So sorry you didn’t love this one as much as the first book. I hope the next one isn’t such a bore. 😉

  6. Aww, I’m sorry this didn’t work out so much.
    I’ve totes been spacing out on MJ since Scarlett Fever – which I HATE with PASSION – so I’m kind of out of the loop with this series, but Rory doesn’t sound like someone I would like to date! 😀

  7. Oh, no! I loved this one! I admit Rory was a bit a a sad sack, but Maureen Johnson always delivers for me.

    But the ending!!! Oh, the end! I weep! I mourn! I yearn for book 3!