Novellapalooza: a little romance, a little paranormal

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FATED (Serendipity #1.75) by Carly Phillips
Available now (December 2012)
Publisher: Berkley
Review copy provided by publisher

It’s always nice to visit a town where love is in the air and hot men are on every corner. I want to find Serendipity and move there. The humor is never-ending, the sex is great and (this can’t be said enough) hotties abound. I’ve visited Serendipity before with other characters and so returning to the little town with the big heart was an easy enough choice, even if the story is just a novella (which can be quite hit-or-miss).

Carly Phillips knows how to spin a sweet tale of love where there’s a fantastic happily ever after. Her use of dialogue to bring people together (or drive them apart) keeps the story moving at a quick clip and we get enough character development to pull us deep into the developing romance between Nick and Kate. 

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AMITYVILLE HORRIBLE (Otherworld Stories #10.7) by Kelley Armstrong
Paranormal romance
ebook, 120 pages
Available now (December 2012)
Publisher: Subterranean Press
Review copy purchased

Oh, I do love Jamie Vegas and her gorgeous alpha werewolf lover, Jeremy. As a spiritualist and entertainer, Jamie’s had to hide the true depths of her gift (burning at the stake for witchcraft is no laughing matter, after all). But she gets dragged into a reality TV show and sent to Amityville. Oh, not to *that* haunted house. The one she winds up in is far worse with ghosts that can kill. Thank goodness her hot man is there to help her out (not that the girl can’t take care of herself but it’s always nice to have someone you love backing you up). Little cameos of Jeremy’s family — Clay, Elana and the kids — are just the topping on this ghost-filled cake.

These little novellas are like coming home and slipping into something comfortable (like my favorite tee and yoga pants) though it’s more of a bittersweet homecoming because the series is over. *sadness*

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CHAOTIC (Otherworld Stories #5.2) by Kelley Armstrong
Paranormal romance
ebook, 100 pages
Available now (January 2012)
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Review copy purchased

Half-demon Hope interrupts werewolf Karl Marsden right in the middle of a robbery and, from there, things get…hairy (sorry, I couldn’t help it). Hope’s working as a bounty hunter of sorts, still a rookie and eager to please her boss. So when they say to get Karl Marsden, that’s what she intends to do. 

Except her boss isn’t who he claims and Karl, well, he’s not quite as bad as he was in BITTEN (notice the *quite* because he’s still a bad wolf at heart and he’s going to do what he needs to do no matter who’s after him). The chemistry between Hope and Karl is off-the-charts and leads to some great dialogue as well as some steamy moments (it’s a novella…so not nearly as much steam as in a full-length novel). 

Another dip into a very well-known world — this probably isn’t one you’d want to read without having read some of the novels within the series. As for those who’ve explored the world and want to dip their toes once again, it’s a fantastic time to visit.

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  1. Oh, I want to try the Jamie Vegas books! I’m not an Elena fan, so I’ve never gotten past book one in KA’s adult books.