Hate it when that happens: DNF Sunday

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I truly hate when I can’t make it all the way through books, especially if they’re books that I was looking forward to or part of a series I love. Still, it does happen. It sucks. But it happens.

INDIGO AWAKENING (The Hunted #1) by Jordan Dane
YA Paranormal
304 pages, paperback
Available now (December 2012)
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Review copy provided by publisher

The concept of Indigo children — children with extraordinary sense, more in touch with the natural world around them than most — is fascinating and quite real. I read about it some time ago and thought it would make a fantastic story. So, when I read the blurb for INDIGO AWAKENING, I was pretty excited.

Except, once I got started with it, my excitement dimmed. The characters didn’t jump off the page; the action didn’t capture my attention. In theory, the whole story should have been fantastic. A bunch of fanatic church folks hunting “special” kids because they’re supposedly the next evolution in mankind–sounds awesome, right? In execution, it just didn’t work for me. I had absolutely no connection with even one character and, by the middle of the book, any action had died down to pretty much nothing. With nothing pulling me forward, I put the book aside and haven’t picked it back up.

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YA Paranormal
382 pages, hardcover
Available April 23, 2013
Publisher: Razorbill
Review copy provided by publisher

This was one I gave up on rather quickly — pre-half-way point, actually. I try to read at least to the halfway point to give a book a chance but with this one, I just couldn’t. Vapid characters, a dull plotline and a no-chemistry romance between a “normal” girl and an angel made me close the book on this one pretty quickly. Now, I will say that I did not read the first book in this series. Maybe that would have made a difference, because it seems that there are a lot of people who adored the first book and are out there, drooling for the second one. Maybe I’m just over the whole angel thing so I shouldn’t have picked this one up in the first place. I don’t know. All I know was that this one was not for me. At all.

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15 Responses to “Hate it when that happens: DNF Sunday”

  1. I hate when the dreaded DNF happens, but I hate it SO much worse when I finish a crappy book and want nothing more than to get those hours of my life back. Life is too short for “meh” books!

    I totally understand your DNFs here. I tried to read Jordan Dane’s On a Dark Wing and had the same problem, I just couldn’t care about the characters. And I also skimmed the first few pages of Natural Born Angel and it didn’t really grab me. I might give the first book a try to see if my mind changes though. Thanks for your thoughtful honesty! 🙂

  2. I really struggled with Indigo Awakening too Mary. I really liked the premise and all the characters, but there were just so many that I couldn’t connect with any of them. I like to really get to know characters, and it seemed like we just bounced around too often in this book for that to happen. I haven’t read Natural Born Angel, and given your reaction to it, I think I will continue to pass:)

  3. That’s too bad. I really had hope for The Immortal City series. I’m really picky about angel books. It seems most of them have no chemistry romances. I don’t know why that seems to be a trend with those books.

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  4. I have such a hard time quitting a book, even one that I am not enjoying. It just feels so unfinished. It may be worse when you have super high expectations going in and are left feeling ambivalent.

  5. I have a really hard time stopping a book that I don’t like too, but it’s getting easier with all the blogging commitments. Sorry it didn’t turn out better!

  6. Ah I hate this! But… then I always say better stop than spend time with a book you don’t like. I tried to read Furious 3 times and I never got into the story. So I also decided to just stop and do not waste my time…

    Too bad about Indigo Awakening, I really liked this book a lot! But as you said, there are books which are not for everyone…

  7. These ones never really appealed to me based on the covers and initial descriptions, so I can probably say now that I will for sure leave them off my TBR pile.

    I think when you can’t connect with the characters or the relationships it’s a huge bummer. I definitely read for character (probably why I enjoy YA so much?), so when I can’t empathize with the characters in some way or feel like they’re fleshed out, then I definitely mark them as DNF as well.