Super-Speedy Urban Fantasy Snippets

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I’m so behind in my reviewing that I’m going to pull a fast one…or several, as the case may be. With 13 NetGalley books to review (hey, down from 25, so I’m doing pretty darned good), I’ve got to cut some corners ’cause these reviews are killin’ me! Links on the title go to GoodReads, if you’re interested in a bigger blurb.

First up on my hit list is THIS CASE IS GONNA KILL ME by Phillipa Bornikova, a legal urban fantasy set in a world is ruled by uber-powerful vamps, weres and elves. In navigating her way through the dangerous waters of her new vampire-run law firm, Linnet Ellery finds herself neck-deep in trouble that could be highly fatal. There are several most excellent snarky side characters to keep the girl on her toes, though little in the way of real romance. Creative, fast-paced and quirky, this novel definitely kept me intrigued and made me want to high-five Linnet in her moment of girl power.

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Next comes RENEGADE by Nancy Northcott, a witchy urban fantasy that had plenty of action and smexy times. When Valeria is attacked and nearly killed by nasty ghouls, she’s saved by renegade and (supposed) traitor to his kind, Griffin. Except Griffin is unjustly accused and, after Val and her team are decimated in a trap, she begins to believe him. I liked that this one focused on mages and spellcraft versus the typical vamps and werewolves. It certainly helps that there’s a fantastically sculpted male chest on the cover versus a leather-clad chick wielding a sword. Much more drool-worthy. For me.

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Last but not least (or maybe it is… *snark*), BLADE SONG by J.C. Daniels, an urban fantasy starring Kit, a half-breed assassin who’s been hired to track down a missing teen shifter. Sadly, I think this one fell under the curse of my reading slump because it’s yet another UF that just didn’t do it for me. Kit’s an outsider working for a dangerous pack and she’s stuck with a very dangerous man — a total asshole. He abuses her, threatens her, chokes her and yet she falls in love with him. *throws hands up* I can’t even.

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7 Responses to “Super-Speedy Urban Fantasy Snippets”

  1. You my Mary are my everypresent source of Urban Fantasy awesomeness!!!!

    And oh yeah, don’t get me started on Review Copies … I have to spend a day getting back on track and submitting my reviews to NetGalley and Goodreads…

  2. I’m on a mini review kick myself Mary – it helps with the slump because I don’t feel quite so much pressure to lay my thoughts out in detail. I can just kind of sum up an overall opinion and that’s working for me at the moment:) And good for you getting down to just 13 NetGalley titles. It’s so easy to go request crazy there, I’ve just been staying away lately:)

  3. Renegade sounds good! And Blade Song SOUNDS good, but with a love interest like that, well – I think I had better skip it.