Speed Date with Blane…I mean Andrew: THE LONGEST WAY HOME by Andrew McCarthy

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Thursday is Speed Date Night–join on in, won’t you? It’s just 150 words or so and there’s a linky at the bottom so we can all come visit and say hey. (Oh, and don’t forget about the coolio giveaways linked <— over here!)

THE LONGEST WAY HOME: One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down by Andrew McCarthy
Travel Memoir
288 pages, hardback
Publisher: Free Press
Review copy provided by publisher

Award-winning travel writer and actor Andrew McCarthy delivers a revealing and insightful memoir about how travel helped him become the man he wanted to be, helping him overcome life-long fears and confront his resistance to commitment.

From time immemorial, travel has been a pursuit of passion—from adventurers of old seeking gold or new lands, to today’s spiritual and pleasure seekers who follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth Gilbert. Some see travel as a form of light-hearted escapism while others believe it has the power to open your mind, forcing you to confront your demons, and discover your true self.

Andrew McCarthy belongs to this second category of traveler. The Longest Way Home
follows his excursions to Patagonia, the Amazon, Costa Rica, Baltimore, Vienna, Kilimanjaro, Dublin, and beyond. He uses his wanderlust to examine his motives and desires, and explore his ambivalence about commitment. He ponders his personal life, his acting career, and his impulse to leave home, all building toward one of the most significant moments of his life: his wedding day.

Genuine and spirited, McCarthy’s message about the transformative power of travel is universal, and his exploration of the nature and passion of relationships, both fleeting and enduring, will strike a chord with every man and woman who has ever wondered at the vicissitudes of the human heart.

Did any of you know that Andrew McCarthy, star of Pretty in Pink, member of the Brat Pack, became an award-winning travel writer and is currently editor-at-large for National Geographic Traveler? Yeah, me neither. But he is and in this book, he travels the world while doing a bit of navel-gazing about life, himself, and his relationship with his fiancee, “D”.

McCarthy’s travel writing talent shines through as he waxes poetic about the glaciers of Patagonia, the Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, and other places around the world. On the flipside, his social awkwardness and uncomfortableness in relationships is painfully obvious as he writes about stilted conversations with D, his fiancee, about their impending marriage. Yet another travel book that makes me want to travel the world. Nicely done.

And, sorry, Mr. McCarthy. I know now that you’re an award-winning travel writer but you’ll always be Blane to me.

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7 Responses to “Speed Date with Blane…I mean Andrew: THE LONGEST WAY HOME by Andrew McCarthy”

  1. I am deprived. I haven’t seen any 80s Brat Pack movies. The only iconic 80s movie that I have seen is Ferris Bueller. So I had no idea who he is. I should really go back and watch 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Breakfast Club.

  2. I am a total 80’s girl and I think of andrew as blane too. I want this book. I did not know even. That he was writing a book. Rob lowe just put out a book and it was good. Thanks for the recommendation.
    @alison yes you should go back and watch them. My favs are breakfast club, sixteen candles, and st elmos fire.

  3. We JUST heard about this book, and yeah, haha, we had no idea he had become so accomplished in this arena. Very cool. Well, we’d love to check it out, especially since it got great reviews from Cheryl Strayed, aka Dear Sugar of The Rumpus.

  4. I LOVED him! Be still my heart Blane! So cool to hear the direction his life took-and probably for the better when you see all the trials the brat pack has faced in their lifetime. I will be checking this book out ASAP.