Two Novellas: THE HUNTER AND THE HUNTED by Kelley Armstrong

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Urban Fantasy
101 pages, ebook
Available now (June 2012)
Publisher: Penguin/Dutton
Review copy provided by publisher via NetGalley for honest review
In Off-Duty Angel , dark witch and half-demon Eve Levine is desperate for a little entertainment while her lover, Kristof Nast, is detained in afterlife court—enough to volunteer an extra week’s worth of angel corps duty just to pass the time. Luckily something even better comes up: a real celestial bounty-hunter mission to trail a shaman, someone who might prove to be a useful lead in Kristof’s court case. Following the target goes smoothly, until he leads Eve to the British Museum, where she inadvertently steps into a secret dimensional passage and stumbles upon a far more enticing puzzle . . . and a much greater danger.

This collection also includes Stalked (Otherworld #7.3), previously printed in My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon. It’s not a good sign when Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers resort to everyday activities on their long-awaited honeymoon in St. Louis. But their encroaching boredom is about to take a backseat to an unexpected threat that catches Clay’s attention. A non-pack werewolf is clearly stalking them—out to claim Elena for himself—and Clay has no intention of letting the upstart mutt spoil their romantic getaway, even if that means deceiving Elena as he pursues the rival werewolf on his own.

OFF-DUTY ANGEL: I’ve always been fascinated with Eve and Kristof’s story. They appear sporadically throughout the Otherworld series but it’s always good to see even a novella with two such intriguing characters. Eve, in particular, is such an extreme character–bad to the bone and then redeemed, hurting those she loved to helping with every ounce of her power–fab. Kristof, sadly, doesn’t make nearly enough of an appearance in this story. The life of a busy lawyer, and all that.
As with most novellas, this one cooks along pretty quickly, tossing Eve right from the fry pan and into the fire. She needs a mission and ends up with more than she expected when she ends up in a very bad place. Fast-paced and fun, this novella is a bit of a teaser, making me want to read some more Kelley Armstrong ASAP.

STALKED: Now this really was a fast story with not much depth but I still really enjoyed it. Elana and Clay are such a great pair–they’ve got a great understanding of one another, they appreciate one another’s abilities, and they’re still seriously in love after years together and twins at home. A mutt stalking Elana? Playtime for the werewolf couple!

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7 Responses to “Two Novellas: THE HUNTER AND THE HUNTED by Kelley Armstrong”

  1. I didn’t read your review too carefully because I haven’t read the series yet. I really want to read Kelley’s books. I’ve heard they’re great.

  2. I read Bitten and Stolen and absolutely adored Clay and Elena, but I haven’t read any of the other books in this series. I think there’s another one in there that focuses on Clay and Elena, so I need to get to that one and then go back and read the others:) Glad they make an appearance in Stalked, they just make me happy!

  3. You know, I keep trying to get into Kelley Armstrong adults books but I keep forgetting, until I read a fun review like this and then I’m like “I should read this!” LOL
    I do love her YA stuff.

    Thanks for the review, both stories sound fast-paced but fun!

  4. Oh I had no idea Elana and Clay had a novella for them! 🙂 They’re my favorite couple of hers so I’ll definitely have to check this out! Great review. 🙂

  5. I haven’t been able to get into Kelley Armstrong’s adult fantasy. I adore her teen books, and I read Bitten, and a few of the other books in the Women of the Otherworld series, but I didn’t get into them. It’s too bad–for me, anyway. By all rights, they should appeal to me!

  6. I have yet to read any of the book in this series, but I have been collecting a few. The thing is I’m so confused about the order in which they are supposed to be read in. I’ll have to look it up someday. LOL

    But I have to admit, I love stories about established couples who are still deeply in love even after marriage and kids.