Would Make a Cool Book Cover (3)

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If you haven’t seen it already, YA author Kate Hart has a fantastic post on “Uncovering YA Covers” and, after compiling an amazing amount of data and statistics (props to the math gal!), created a color distribution chart as well as multiple infographics such as minority representation on 2011 covers, gender on covers, and objects on covers (ton of filigree used last year. That and flowers, trees, water and hearts.). Fourteen percent of YA covers had girls in fancy dresses while 6.6 percent had images of characters who appeared to be dead or dying. Very interesting–you definitely should check out the post, if you haven’t looked at it in its entirety.
I like a pretty cover but I like it even better if it suits the story between the pretty cover. All these images–and more–can be found on my Pinterest board.
Most of the images I find are more YA-appropriate but a lot of them could be used for multiple genres. I’ve tried to find the correct link for all of them but, if I linked it wrong and it’s yours, PLEASE let me know–this art, like all art, deserves proper citation.
Is this girl not gorgeous? Made girly with the orchids and makeup, she still has a determined expression like she’s saying, “You can dress me up but you can’t make me what I don’t want to.” (Image from Vogue Girl Korea via Junebug Weddings)
I love this picture! The ocean, the rays of sun breaking through the fat-bottomed clouds, the girl in her cute outfit with her bike and flower-filled basket…it calls to me. (Image from I DON’T KNOW! PLEASE tell me if this is yours. I searched all over the ‘Net and couldn’t find it. It’s so fabulous!)
Implosion or explosion? Boy or girl? Is that a birdie in the window? Thought-provoking. (Image from Jeremy Geddes)
I like the way she’s pensively staring out the window with the shaft of sunlight obscuring her eyes. (Image from rockandrollhustle.tumblr.com)
What kind of book covers would you like to see more of?

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16 Responses to “Would Make a Cool Book Cover (3)”

  1. Ooooo I love the one of the girl at the window with the light shining in her eyes – SO PRETTY! This is an awesome feature, I can so see all of these as gorgeous covers on the shelf at the bookstore:)

  2. I really love the first and third. They are definitely pictures that would grab my attention on a cover. I do think there should be more minorities and I love how book covers are prettier (I think) these days, but mixing up the types would be nice. 🙂


  3. Thanks for pointing me to the post by Kate Hart, it was very interesting! I love all the images you chose but the second to last is my favorite! As for me, I don’t really care what’s on the book cover as long as it’s eye-catching and actually fits with the story.