Would Make A Cool Book Cover (2)

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I’ve done this before and enjoyed throwing out some pictures which I think might make cool book covers. These can all be found on my Pinterest board (I’m doing my best to track down the source of each image–the people who take these awesome pictures and create this beautiful art deserve the credit, after all. I’m merely the pinner.). 

The Kiss of Night and Day
I like how it’s almost an optical illusion and reminds me of a creation myth or that movie, LadyHawke, where the two lovers can only see/touch each other at dawn and dusk, when night meets day. This could work well for a romance of two star-crossed lovers or maybe a paranormal.
Found on this Tumblr but don’t know who did it originally (if it’s yours, please let me know!!)
Through A Glass Darkly
This picture has so much going on–she’s not just standing in a dark, cobblestoned alley, there are windows surrounding her and the biggest, most tempting holds the symbol of a gorgeous city. Awesome composition. This could be a travel story, paranormal, or contemporary about choices.
Paris image by Alla Lora
Created by photographer Alla Lora
Eye of the Beholder
This character, though we only see her eye, looks very fierce to me. The paint (or maybe it’s her skin color) seems magical, as does the tree in her eye instead of a pupil. Definitely see this as an urban fantasy cover or a story of pure fantasy.
Painted girl image by Irene Zeleskou
By artist Irene Zeleskou (I’ll add a link when I get home–it’s blocked at school!)
Rainbow Double Exposure
Bro. Dude. I’ve got a totally gnarly vibe going on with this funky picture. A bit brighter and happier than the prior picture (well, a ton!), this brings to mind a story of an island and summer so a lighter contemporary of some sort.
Double exposure photography by Josh Krenz
Found on Gizmodo by Josh Krenz
Creating book covers is a job I could totally get behind. Galleycat posted a new job yesterday that I’d LOVE (too bad I don’t have the experience or wherewithal to pursue this and I’m too damn old to start over again from the bottom. Freelancing would be cool, though.). Here’s part of the job description: “work with art directors to conceptualize and create jackets and covers for adult trade hardcover and paperback books“… Yes, please!

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11 Responses to “Would Make A Cool Book Cover (2)”

  1. I love the glass one… it’s so cool visually and symbolically. It reminds me of the first credits for ‘Being Erica’ in a way, and even the show, where you can step through doors into different places. Awesome!

  2. Wait, I don’t know the show “Being Erica”! Is that a Canadian show? I think I have something to do/watch this weekend…if it’s available in the US (you Canadians so like to horde your awesome shows).

  3. LOVE the Night and Day one and the Eye one – those are stunning. Those white eyelashes are very cool, I can definitely see it as a book cover:) Love this feature Mary!

  4. I really love this feature. All of these covers would grab my attention. I think you have an eye for this sort of thing.