It’s a great day to be Team ERUDITE!

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Fiona is very erudite…
HarperTEEN is running a “Five Days, Five Factions” to build excitement for the release of Insurgent on Tuesday (you really need to read this series, if you aren’t already!). Awesome author Veronica Roth herself is ramping up the fun.  
Check out these click-worthy sites:
Click here to check out her blog and what she has to say about Erudites.
Click here to visit the Erudite Tumblr page and see some special posts from the Erudite team.
Click here to visit the Divergent Facebook page.
When you’ve done all that, check out the Insurgent-themed giveaways BOOK TWIRPS, The Reading Lark, The Book Chic Club, and The YA Sisterhood have going on.
It’s a great day to be Erudite!

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5 Responses to “It’s a great day to be Team ERUDITE!”

    • Cheese-Its. I bribe her with Cheese-Its. I do have another pup who I can’t usually get to sit still long enough to even take a picture–he looks away or runs off!

  1. LOOK AT FIONA! She’s looking very scholarly in her glasses:) I’m so excited for this book, I can’t wait to go buy my copy this week. I’M COMING FOUR!