It’s Bloggiesta! Ole!

Posted 31 March, 2012 | Mary @ TheBookSwarm | | 8 Comments

So I’m getting a bit of a late start on this whole Bloggiesta thing but I’ve got a ton of things I would like to get done on this blog. 
Here’s my current list (though it’ll probably grow):
  • Update review archives
  • See about putting buttons on blog (GoodReads, Twitter, Pinterest, LibraryThing, Tumblr)
  • Update blog roll
  • Update labels (and remove from bottom of blog)
  • Blog post categories
  • Write reviews (I’ve got about 20 books on my list. Eep!)
  • Figure out Blogger’s SEO thing and USE it (since I’m happy with Blogger and not planning on switching over to WP any time soon, even though a lot of bloggers have made the leap)
  • Add Meta tags/description to 2012 posts (farther back, if time)
  • Add alt-image tags to 2012 images used (farther back, if time) 
  • Update GoodReads and Amazon reviews
Actually, I’d like some critiques on my blog design and the blog itself, if you’re feeling critique-y. What do you think? Is my header cheesy? (I like it just because it’s my puppy but I’d really like something that works with my blog title. I have some ideas but not the wherewithal to create it. Yet.) Is it too busy? What about the posts? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

One BIG Question: when you comment, do you have to do word verification? Because I’ve turned the damned thing off like fifty times and it doesn’t seem to stick. I’m exceptionally irritated (as are you, if you have to do that hideous Captcha thing–thank you for commenting!!). If you do have to do it, know I’m working to solve this problem!

Happy Bloggiesta! Ole! (I’m feeling a sudden urge for nachos and guacamole. Weird.)

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8 Responses to “It’s Bloggiesta! Ole!”

  1. Great list! I am about half done mine, but have left a few of the harder ones for tomorrow (not sure I will complete them though).

    I’m going to try the SEO thing too… there is a Mini-Challenge for it if you go to this page.


  2. Goodluck! Ive never noticed captcha on your blog. I think you’re good! And I like your design just fine! Its nice and clean but cute!

  3. You’ve got a ton done! I kind of did the same thing this weekend. My review archive and Goodreads needed updated badly!! I love your design, especially the header! And I’ve never had to enter any word verification.