On the road again: THE DISENCHANTMENTS by Nina LaCour

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YA Contemporary
307 pages, hardcover
Available now (Feb. 2012)
Publisher: Dutton Children’s Books
Review copy shared through Southern ARC tours
Colby and Bev have a long-standing pact: graduate, hit the road with Bev’s band, and then spend the year wandering around Europe. But moments after the tour kicks off, Bev makes a shocking announcement: she’s abandoning their plans – and Colby – to start college in the fall.

But the show must go on and The Disenchantments weave through the Pacific Northwest, playing in small towns and dingy venues, while roadie- Colby struggles to deal with Bev’s already-growing distance and the most important question of all: what’s next?
Positive: Road trip! Even this isn’t a happy-go-lucky road trip, it’s still a good road trip. A chance for Colby and Bev and the other girls in the band to say goodbye before they all go their separate directions. They meet plenty of characters on their trip up the coast and into the Pacific Northwest (shocker, right?), and it’s a great way for the whole band to spend some serious quality time together in an ancient Volkswagon.

Positive: The girls and their music. They’re flat out bad but that’s their beauty. They yell and scream and play exceptionally loud and dress in crazy-fun outfits; and the crowds, after a few moments of stunned silence, eat it up. Because the girls don’t care–they’re up there, having a blast and enjoying every minute of their time on stage. And that’s how it should be.

Wish: That the cover matched the insides a bit better. While the blurb fits, the cover doesn’t. It’s cheerful and happy and all good-time girly but what’s inside isn’t anything like that. It’s angsty and at times quite sad, as Colby grapples with his dreams falling apart and Bev does her silently secretive thing, refusing to explain why she went behind Colby’s back and squashed their plans in the mud.

Wish: That Bev weren’t such a…bitch (gah! I just wanted to shake this girl!). This is told from Colby’s perspective so of course I’m on his side but Bev does little to nothing to alleviate my impression of her. She’s secretive and moody, unwilling to talk to her friends/bandmates about what she did and why she did it. I never really warmed up to her and even got to dislike her more when she has sex with Colby, knowing full well he’s in love with her and she’s leaving him. Is it apology sex? If so, it’s a pretty crappy apology.

Overall: Melancholy and overcast, THE DISENCHANTMENTS poses the question all high school graduates must contemplate: What do I do next?

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15 Responses to “On the road again: THE DISENCHANTMENTS by Nina LaCour”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book! And I liked the cheerful tone of the cover, but now I’m not so sure about it, since you say it doesn’t necessarily fit the story. Aw.

    Thanks for the review!

    Agnieszka @ Nook of Books

  2. I also wish the cover wasn’t so happy. It makes it looks like a great beach read when it’s really more gloomy. I did enjoy it but it wasn”t what I was expecting. I do agree that the girls were a lot of fun! Even with heir bad music! haha Great review! 🙂

  3. Too mad the cover doesn’t match the book, and I got a feeling I’m not going to like Bev any better than you, but I still wanna read this book!
    😀 Thanks for the review and the inside to the story 🙂 I love when yo do reviews in this format

  4. I definitely would not have guessed this book was a bit darker in nature by looking at that cover. It’s always a bit frustrating when the cover doesn’t seem to reflect the tone of the story at all given it’s the first thing we all see on the shelves. I’m glad to have read your review though, it sounds like a fantastic story even with bitchy Bev:)

  5. Thanks for the info on this one! I love music stories and indie-band stories, but despite all this coming-of-age goodness, it sounds like i’d want to avoid this one because of Bev’s attitude. Yep, that cover doesn’t match the tone at all!

  6. Road trips are the best! Plus, I’m really curious about this bad band. 🙂 Ehh..I really wanted to like Bev. She sounds kind of awful. Thanks for the review, Mary!

  7. I’m always a little jealous of characters that get to take awesome road trips, because I’ve never been able to find the time to really go on one that’s longer than a couple of hours. I’m debating back and forth on whether or not I’ll be trying this one. I like the idea of it, but I’m afraid Bev’s attitude might drive me crazy.

  8. Eep eep, spoiler! Oh well. We’re not crazy about spoilers, but you might get some people who are…

    Anyway, we’ve only read the first 85 pages (free online through the publisher) but we are SO looking forward to the rest. Even more so after reading your review. Thanks! 🙂

  9. I did not know there were sexytimes in The Disenchantments, although it sounds like bad sexytimes and not fun sexytimes and how many more times can I use sexytimes in this sentence? AH HAHAHAHA.

    Also, road trips are so awesome. I’ve only been on a few to places like Florida, but I love them.

    And I am not looking forward to Bev the B, but I do look forward to Colby’s narration. 🙂

  10. Hmm…I’m not sure about this from your review. It sounds like something I’d really like, but it also sounds like a downer. I’m still curious about it since I’m such a big music fan.