It’s Teen Review Week!

Posted 23 January, 2012 | Mary @ TheBookSwarm | | 1 Comment

This week’s a crazy one–I’m finishing the zero draft of my novel, scrambling to get a huge stack of papers graded, coming up with lesson plans that will keep the students busy for most of the week, and heading down to Disney World with a bus-full of 8th graders. We’ll be there for three action-packed days and then, when I finally get home on Saturday, I’ll face-plant into my bed for the rest of the weekend.
Seems to me like it’s a perfect week for a pile of Teen Reviews! Woot!
(Oh, this also means I’ll be mostly away from my computer and won’t be commenting–boo! I’ll catch up this weekend…)
Enjoy and, if you get a chance, leave a comment for my kids!

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