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Why is it January just blows through my life like a stiff wind? School, life, illness, dogs, travel…holy cow. I feel like I need a vacation to recover from this month and I haven’t even made it to Disney World yet (that’s Tuesday–an overnight bus trip with 50 8th graders. Eep.) .
Because I needed some serious brain candy, I bought myself Easy A (if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s hilarious. A Pocket Full of Sunshine, if you will…) and, of course, Fi jumped right on it:
Fiona’s Pick of the Week
Little Miss Fi: she’s so easy…
THE NIGHTMARE GARDEN by Caitlin Kittredge (Random House)
STARTERS by Lissa Price (Random House)
GODDESS INTERRUPTED by Aimee Carter (Harlequin)
PRETTY CROOKED by Elisa Ludwig (HarperCollins)
DITCHED by Robin Mellom (Disney)
DRAGONSWOOD by Janet Lee Carey (Penguin)
So, what’d you get in your mailbox?
IMM is a meme hosted by Kristi at the Story Siren.

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  1. I haven’t watched Easy A, but now I’ll have to look it up and see if netflix has it!
    I can’t wait for Goddess Interrupted! And I still need to read The Iron Thorn! I guess one thing about all of last years releases I haven’t read yet, once I do read them I won’t as long of a wait for the next ones!
    Enjoy your books!

    PS, I emailed you (replied to your comment) so I thought I’d let you know in case it ended up in spam or something. I was going to send you Unbroken 🙂

  2. Looks like NetGalley was good to you this week. You got tons of great stuff from them. I think Starters sounds very interesting. I love the movie Easy A. Emma Stone is hilarious in it! Happy reading and watching!

    My Mailbox

  3. I really enjoyed “The Goddess Test” when I read it, and I’m really looking forward to “Goddess Interrupted.” I got an advance copy of it, too, and I can’t wait to sit down and start reading it!

  4. -k

    I love Easy A – and the pocket full of sunshine scene.

    Great books this week and happy reading!

    ps: your dog is adorable!