The Crossroads Presents: Kiki Hamilton

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On the sixth day of The Crossroads Blog Tour, Kiki Hamilton visits The Book Swarm. Kiki Hamilton is the author of young adult debut, THE FAERIE RING (read my review HERE). And how cool is it that Goodreads already has THREE more books listed in her Faerie Ring series including THE TORN WING (2012), THE TARA STONE (2013), and THE ENDGAME (2014). Welcome!

Your new series, THE FAERIE RING, is set in Victorian England. What drew you to that time period and how did it influence your story?
I love the mystery of Victorian London. The dichotomy of knowledge between great technological advances and deep belief in mysticism. I also love the idea of not knowing all the ‘facts’ of history — of the untold stories that have either slipped through the cracks or not been told because, if they were, everything would change…
Any advice for teen writers?
My advice for another writer would be the same, no matter what age they are: Tell the story you want to read. Write for the love of the story you’re telling. Always be open to revising and seek out critiques of your work. Nobody writes in a vacuum. Nobody writes the perfect story on the first draft. We all have to work hard at our writing and revise, revise, revise! Take classes, read books in the genre you’re writing in and study what works in the books you love. Find critique partners to read your work, attend writing conferences if you can and never give up!!!

What’s your writing process (are you a plotter or pantster or a little of both)?
Sadly, I am a pantster, though I would love to be a plotter because it would make everything so much easier!! But for me, I have to write to the end to know the story. I’ll know certain plot points that are going to occur, general parts of the story arc, but most times, my characters will do unexpected things along the way. Plus, that unresolved plot thread that I left dangling back in chapter three suddenly makes sense in chapter twenty-three, and I know why it was there.

How to you refill your creative well?
Usually reading inspires me to want to write more. To be honest, it’s hard to find time to do all the things I want to. When I have free time, I usually write, but for creative outlets, I listen to music a lot. I also like to play the guitar, the piano (poorly, I must admit), and I occasionally paint. I like sports as well: tennis, golf, skiing, and I love card games and Scrabble.

Thanks so much for your great questions and inviting me over! xo Kiki

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  1. Oh I love Kiki! I went to her book signing but sadly haven’t fit the book in yet 🙁 Still nice to see her visiting here!