The Crossroads Presents: Angie Frazier

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And on the sixth day…Angie Frazier dropped by for a visit! Angie’s the author of the young adult series, Everlasting, (EVERLASTING and THE ETERNAL SEA) and the middle grade mystery series, Suzanna Snow, (THE MIDNIGHT TUNNEL and THE MASTERMIND PLOT, which comes out in March 2012). Welcome!

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Your Everlasting series is historical (beginning in 1855) and takes place in a variety of fantastic locations. What drew you to that time period and those locations?
Whenever I read, I want to be transported to different places and times. There’s something rich and intriguing about historical settings. It makes the story and the characters all the more interesting to me. Usually, the time period and locations for my books have a lot to do with the plot, or it’s a time or place my characters would fit well in. 1855 was a time that would really test Camille’s modern sensibilities, and Australia, mostly unexplored at the time, fit the adventure element I really wanted.
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Any advice for teen writers, especially now that it’s almost National Novel Writing Month?
I’ve done NaNoWriMO (actually, I completed The Midnight Tunnel, Suzanna Snow’s first mystery during NaNo) and the best advice I can give is to Just Keep Writing. Don’t go back and edit yourself. Get through to the end of the story, even if you know the story needs massive changes during revision. Just get to the end. It’s a thrill to finish a novel, even if it’s a mess.
When’s your biggest distraction when writing?
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Right now, my children are my biggest distractions. When I didn’t have children, my biggest distraction was TV. So, I cut TV out completely. I only watch shows on Netflix, and then only on the weekend. The kids, though, are here to stay! I constantly have to find ways to work around them.
How to you refill your creative well?
Reading is generally my favorite way to recharge. I also love visiting museums, or traveling to new places. It’s important to take a break every now and again, even from something you love. It helps remind me how lucky I am to be doing what I love.
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4 Responses to “The Crossroads Presents: Angie Frazier”

  1. I completely agree on needing to take a break sometimes, even when you love what you do. I adore my job, but every now and then I just get in a funk and I need to do something different for a few days so I can be excited to go back to work again:) Thanks for the interview!

  2. Squee!!!!!! I love Angie Frazier’s books!! They make me a little hyper just thinking about them. TV is such a distraction for me. Thanks for the interview!

  3. I wanted to pop in and say that I loved the covers for the Suzanna Snow books because they remind me a lot of the old school YA covers that you’d see for Nancy Drew.