The Crossroads Presents: Amanda Ashby

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Amanda Ashby joins us today here on The Book Swarm! Amanda’s the author of funny YA paranormal novels FAIRY BAD DAY (check out my review HERE — so cute!), ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH, and YOU HAD ME AT HALO. In 2012, she has four books releasing (wow!): a YA paranormal called DEMONOSITY, and a MG paranormal series entitled Sophie’s Mixed-Up Magic that includes WISHFUL THINKING, UNDER A SPELL, and OUT OF SIGHT.
I have to tell you, I adored the annoying little fairies in FAIRY BAD DAY. What inspired them and their Skittles obsession?
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That’s so cool that you enjoyed the little fairies. I had so much fun with those guys and I still laugh when I think of them mooning poor Curtis! As for what inspired them, well, it was Emma herself. She was just soooo mad at being stuck as a fairy slayer that I really wanted to make sure that her humiliation was complete! Anyway, once I had the fairies start to throw ice at her and taunt her, I knew that it would annoy her more than anything in the world and, so, because I am cruel-hearted, I kept on doing it!!!!
Any advice for teen writers?
For a start, I am in deep admiration for any teens who are switched on enough to even attempt to write a book. I honestly had no idea that ‘real’ people could write books when I was that age. My biggest advice is that they enjoy the story they’re writing. We can often get so caught up in the ‘rules’ of writing that ti’s easy to forget that first and foremost we’re storytellers. So, enjoy the writing, tell the story, and sort everything else in December once the NaNo madness is over!!!
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What’s your biggest distraction when writing?
I have an outstanding ability to get distracted by just about anything, from a household object through to the Internet. In fact, I have no idea how I ever manage to write books because I’m so busy staring at random items!!!!
How do you refill your creative well?
I own a family, and I guess the main advantage of having kids is that you’re not allowed to go into a writing frenzy that takes you away from the ‘real’ world for months at a time, so I never really feel like the well is empty (though I do often feel like the well is full of stupid ideas that I should’ve just left down at the bottom!!!). I also read a lot of books and watch a lot of television, which always seems to keep my mind churning!
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