Guest Post: If I Had Supernatural Powers by Cesyna MaRae Cuono

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The Book Swarm is pleased to welcome Cesya MaRae Cuono! She’s the author of the amazing book, ELEMENTAL REALITY (which has one of the most awesome covers, I might add).

Cesya MaRae Cuono hails from a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Alvernia University where she majored in Business Administration and also received her certificate of Multi-Media & Production makeup from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry. You can find any updates from Cesya on her website at

If I Had Supernatural Powers

Is it weird I used to think about this a lot when I was younger? Okay, not that much younger but it was around the time when X-men: The Last Stand came out. I was seriously in love with John Allerdyce/Pyro. I watched that movie all the time and thought about what kind of power I’d love to have. What power would have been awesome when joined with Pyro? And I didn’t stop there. I watched the cartoon every night even if it was a repeat. I was obsessed with them. 
So what was my power? Electricity of course! Since I had my power down I needed and awesome name to go along with it. First I wanted to be Elektra but I’m pretty sure that name was already used at the time. Then I came up with Shocker. Yeah lame but hey, I was only 19. My creative side was very lackluster. Here’s an embarrassing story I’ll share with everyone and then probably regret later. I had this little scenario imagined up in my head if I did have these so-called powers.
Imagine: it’s late at night. A young girl (me) is walking down the street. Alone. Defenseless—or so I think. I hear a noise behind me, tense, but keep moving. I’m on high alert now and straining my ears to pick up on any unnecessary sounds behind me. A shoe scuffed against the sidewalk. My heart slammed against my ribcage. Whoever was behind me was getting closer. They were right behind me now. 
I whipped my body around, jutted my hand out, and released the electricity onto my assailant. It wrapped around him like chains. Binding him to his spot. It should have freaked me out right? Wrong! I loved my power. I felt strong. The assailant writhed in pain a little longer before I cut off the flow of electricity and he fell to the ground in a lump. 
Pyro emerged from the shadows clapping (yes he was in Magneto’s clan in my imagination). He asked me to join him. He told me there was a place for me to learn how to improve upon my abilities. I fell in love. I was a sucker for a badass. Still am. I improved upon my abilities. Awesome times. Pyro and I became a couple and were in love. And everyone lived happily ever after. THE END. 
Wow, I’m so lame in a cool kind of way. I’m going into hiding now until people forget about this little story lol.

260 pages
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When Callie Pierce was ten, her mother disappeared without a trace. On the eve of her disappearance twelve years later, the earth seemingly comes alive. The elements speak to Callie, and that’s only the beginning. Everything she has ever known was a twisted fabrication to protect her. Now the truth is set free. Callie and her sister are more powerful than any Faerie ever born. Now they have to use their powers to save their mother and family from the evil hands of fate that threaten to tear them apart. Welcome to her elemental reality.

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6 Responses to “Guest Post: If I Had Supernatural Powers by Cesyna MaRae Cuono”

  1. Hahahaha love it! That’s some serious thought she put into her electricity power and her love affair with pyro. I’ll be checking out Elemental Reality now!

  2. LOL Cesya! Your story was great — I’d take Pyro any day.

    Hope you all enjoy Elemental Reality as much as I did!