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251 pages
Available now (Aug. 2011)
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When Callie Pierce was ten, her mother disappeared without a trace. On the eve of her disappearance twelve years later, the earth seemingly comes alive. The elements speak to Callie, and that’s only the beginning. Everything she has ever known was a twisted fabrication to protect her. Now the truth is set free. Callie and her sister are more powerful than any Faerie ever born. Now they have to use their powers to save their mother and family from the evil hands of fate that threaten to tear them apart. Welcome to her elemental reality.
Positive: A slightly older protagonist. I guess the term that I’ve heard bandied about is “new adult”. While I’m not a huge fan of the term, it does suit the purpose of distinguishing between those on cusp of adulthood (YA) and those who’ve just entered it (people in their very early 20’s).
Positive: The banter. There’s a lot of banter back and forth, which keeps much of the tone of the book light, even through dark times. Sometimes, there’s a bit too much and, really, I just wanted the action to move forward but I did appreciate the humor.
Wish: Save me from insta-love. Instant lust? Sure. An instant connection? Right there with you. But an instant, deep, abiding, soul connection? Um, no. Rather than taking the time to have the characters get to know one another, insta-love is an easy way out, in my mind.
Wish: And spare me from ever reading another book where a boy calls his girl “kitten”. Incessantly. Or girls (the two sisters) who hunt for “man meat” and try to get each other laid (yes, it says that). Really? Uhg.
Overall: A quick read, ELEMENTAL REALITY presents a creative take on faeries and provides readers with an action-packed story.

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