Monday Reading Blues

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I didn’t have a great reading week. Not that it completely sucked but I just didn’t love the books I read, and you know how I like to rave about books on this blog (that’s actually the whole point of this blog, to share books I love). But I do believe it’s also helpful to share what didn’t quite capture my attention, those I consider three-star books (not DNF or one-stars — those I don’t usually mention). Good books but not great books. So here are four books I’ve read recently that were good but not rave-worthy. (If you’d like a summary, just click on the title; for length’s sake, I’m not including a blurb.)
Paranormal Romance; 278 pages; available now; review copy purchased
I really like strong characters, ones who like to step up to the plate and won’t let themselves be bossed around, especially by alpha males. Meena Harper is not one of those strong characters. Sure she tries but Lucien, Alaric and her brother all tromple all over her. I just wanted to shake her sometimes. Then there’s the weird overuse of ellipses…they’re everywhere…and they tend to drift from one paragraph…

…to the next. A bit disconcerting. This second Meena story is action-packed with a surprising ending that still has me questioning what really happened to one of the main characters. A good story to read when doing laundry or hanging at the pool.
YA Dystopian Romance; 416 pages; available now; review copy provided by publisher

Such an interesting premise but it didn’t quite live up to its hype. (See, this is the reason why I try not to get over-excited about things.) While Vi was a pretty good character who liked to break the Thinkers rules, she fell in love with some rather annoying boys. Zenn, her childhood sweetheart, turned out to be very different than what she thought and betrayed her. Jag, a bad boy from outside the Thinkers purview, was kind of a jerk, considering he ditched Vi every time he got mad at her, leaving her stranded in unfamiliar and even dangerous places. Plus, Jag and Vi fell in love way too fast for me, especially considering she just loved and lost Zenn.

The uneven pacing was a little like traveling down an unpaved road, filled with potholes and bumps. With some good action scenes and a lot of mystery (sometimes too much, making the story confusing at times), POSSESSION is worth a read, though the ending leaves something to be desired, and there’s no sequel planned that I know of (And, yes, I wanted to throw the book when I read the end. Grr.). There is a “companion novel” in the works, though.
YA Historical Paranormal; 320 pages, available now; review copy purchased

While I enjoyed the mummy and the curiosity of an unwrapping party (where each guest peels back a part of the mummy’s wrapping and, if there’s anything within that wrapping, they get to keep it), I just didn’t really like the characters. Agnes, the main character, seemed like one I could get behind. A bit of a bluestocking (a smarty) who prefers to read rather than attend all the social parties, she’s usually the type I love. But, for some reason, I didn’t connect with her or with Lord Showalter, who her family is hoping will offer for Agnes’s hand.

I kept picking this one up, reading a little, and putting it back down. The first part of the book took me forever to get through but once the mystery picked up, I got into it a bit more. If you’re looking for something a bit different, something historical with an interesting mystery, WRAPPED is a good choice.

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  1. I thought Wrapped was pretty good but, I agree, the characters were hard to connect to. And I expected SO much more from Possession. You said it perfectly and way better than I could! I disliked the boys in that one too!

  2. So sorry you had a disappointing reading week Mary! Hate it when that happens:( I had some trouble with Possession as well, there was just so much going on that I couldn’t keep track of it all at times. I liked Vi and Jag, though it was frustrating when he kept ditching her and I was furious at the ending! I had high hopes for wrapped, but I’ve been reading a lot of so-so reviews of it lately, so I think I’ll wait a bit longer on that one! Hope the next book you pick up is more exciting than these!

  3. Thanks, all! Good to know that it’s not just me. Strange how some books resonate and some don’t. Here’s to good reading for all of us! 🙂

  4. I’ve heard mixed things about Wrapped. Such a good concept. All of Meg Cabot’s books are like your Overbite experience for me. I enjoy them but always have issues.