Teen Talk: Dystopian/Apocalyptic Novels

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So my students have been reading dystopian/apocalyptic novels in class (some rather reluctantly, I might add). I book-talked about 13 different novels for them including some classics and many brand-new ones, as well as a couple from their high school summer reading list. After they’d read a couple of chapters, I asked them why they chose that particular novel and what they thought about it, now that they were into it. Here are some of their answers from the most popular of the novels:
HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins

“I was surprised how quickly they got into the story.” –Rebecca
“The author holds my interest with the elements of suspense, characters, and the Hunger Games itself.” –Amber
“[This] was my choice of book not only because of the recommendations I received from teachers, peers, and others to read it, but…how easily I was able to pick it up and read.” –Brendan
“I have never wanted to read a novel in this genre but this book got me hooked from the start.” –Corrine 
“I though this book would be super-boring. Like just dry and everything. Come to find out, I was COMPLETELY wrong. I think I’m in absolute love with this book.” –Anna
THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner
“[After reading the blurb], I knew it was the book I wanted to read. So I basically immediately got hooked on it! And, of course, when I picked it up, I couldn’t set it down!” –Basil 
“It had a really good rating on GoodReads. I’m glad I chose it; it’s a really good book so far. It’s extremely suspenseful.” –Jessica
DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver
“Delirium was not originally my first choice…[But] After a classmate told me what the book was about and how amazing it was, I was sold.” –Taylor
WATERSHIP DOWN by Richard Adams
“I did not really get to choose this book…but I am actually kind of happy that I got stuck with [it]. …I am so excited to see what will happen to the burrow and the author really has me sitting on the edge of my chair for this reason.” –JC
FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury
 “This novel had me from the first page, which is always a good sign. It started out with the words: ‘It was a pleasure to burn.’ As soon as I read that sentence, I knew I was going to have fun reading this book.” –Cody
UNWIND by Neal Shusterman
“This book just appeals to me because it is creative and different. There are also so many unique components.” –Zane
ENCLAVE by Ann Aguirre
“Enclave so far has been a very great book. The way this book has sort of a mysterious feeling, really has me wanting to keep reading…I can’t wait to finish it.” –Michael
EPITAPH ROAD by David Patneaude
“I chose this book because it sounded like it would be adventurous and mysterious.” –Ashley

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2 Responses to “Teen Talk: Dystopian/Apocalyptic Novels”

  1. It’s amazing how dystopian books have really taken off. We’re a little bit overwhelmed by them right now… but individually each title seems great! HUNGER GAMES and MATCHED have been our faves so far.

  2. Oh, Farenheit, I remember I was enthralled when I read that one, the beginning is awesome… the last two thirds not so much.

    But then, I’m not a dystopian kind of girl. I’m glad your students like them though! kids should read whatever floats their boat.