Congratulations, Prince William and Princess Kate!

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What is it about a royal wedding that gets people (me!) all excited? When Diana married Charles way back when, my mother and I got up at oh-god-thirty to watch it. It was fabulous. I remember snuggling with my mom under a blanket and watching a beautiful girl become a princess (with a train to die for!). It was a spectacle I’ll never forget.

I DVR-ed this Royal Wedding, however, unable to crawl out of bed so early (3/4 am EST) and then teach the entire day afterwords. But I still loved following all the hoopla. My friends and relatives over in England were so very excited and posted comments all over Facebook. And watching the wedding coverage on BBC America was fabulous (was it the accents? Or their genuine excitement about all the proceedings?). Here are a couple of my favorite pics from the wedding.

Kate–now a princess and a duchess!–and her new hubby, William greeting the crowd right after the wedding:

Poor wee flower girl doesn’t look too happy!

Queen Elisabeth II–love her purse and practical heels! She looks lovely in yellow (and matches, too!):

Newlyweds should always leave their wedding in a convertible:

Princess Kate, looking gorgeous in her after-wedding party dress:

She’s just so pretty! And seems very down-to-earth, too. I wish them all the best. 
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