Teen REview: X-KAI: Volume 2 by Asami Tohjoh

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Final Grade: 95/A
192 pages
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Kaito receives his next assignment–assassinate a religious cult leader. But things get complicated after he is sucked into joining the cult, and flashes from Kaito’s past stir up memories from his mysterious childhood. The truth behind his brother’s coma is revealed, and Kaito will be forced to confront a secret that has finally caught up with him… –from Goodreads.com

Brittany D.’s Thoughts: What I like best about this book is that it’s dramatic! It keeps you guessing the whole time. It’s like a puzzle—you get pieces from the left and the right and, by the time you finally get the full picture, it’s the end. The book has descriptions of great detail, and you can really create a good mental picture.
During this story, Kaito is very emotional. The thing is, Kaito’s emotions are draining sometimes, and I don’t like that so much but, at the same time, you feel like you are Kaito. You are emotionally involved. It’s like the book consumes you and eats you whole.
What I didn’t really like for Kaito is that he’s tormented with memories of his past. Like when he has memories of when he was molested by his father, which made it really bad for him to remember. Because of these memories, I think Kaito has had a lot of pressure to do things he didn’t want to in life and never really got to live.
This book was the bomb!
TEEN REVIEWER BRITTANY: Heyo!! Brittany here! I love the beach and going boogie boarding. I want to go sky diving. I love chick flicks and playing soccer. My favorite color is blue, and this book was the bomb!

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  1. “The book consumes you and eats you whole.” Great thought. I’m not into manga, but you made me want to read this. Also … hope you get to sky dive. I did it many years ago — you’ll never forget it!