Teen Review Week: THE TERRORIST by Caroline B. Cooney

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Final Grade: 99/A
YA Thriller (Realistic)
208 pages
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SHAELI’S SUMMARY: Can you imagine having someone you love die when you least expect it? Unfortunately, sixteen-year-old Laura Williams can, and her life will never be the same after it.

London, England: Laura and her family have a great life. Laura has some really great friends, her parents are happy (except when her father gets upset when he has to fire people), and her little brother, Billy, always puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Plus, she’s living in one of the most wonderful cities. What could possibly go wrong?

Except… One morning, they travel to school, with Billy and his friends heading to the subway station. While there, he gets a mysterious package from a stranger. Once he realizes what it is, it’s too late. Standing on the escalator, Billy sacrifices his life for those around him.

Laura’s family goes into a deep depression and Laura vows she won’t rest until she finds the killer. As she gets closer to solving the mystery, the truth shocks her and changes her life completely.

SHAELI’S THOUGHTS: I would have to say that this was one of the best mystery/thriller books that I’ve ever read. Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. This was the first Caroline B. Cooney book I’ve read and, after reading this one, it had me wanting to read more. She did a wonderful job writing this story.

My favorite characters were Laura and Billy Williams. They always put others before themselves. For example, when Billy found out what the package really was, he could have easily thrown the package away. However, he knew that if he did, then someone else would have gotten wounded or killed. So he sacrificed himself to save others. also, Laura was willing to do anything to find out who killed her brother and make sure they were punished for it. I really didn’t like Jehran. At the beginning, she seemed to be a really nice girl. However, as the story went on, she started acting suspicious. I just had the feeling that she must have done something terrible. She made me so angry. 

This was an awesome book and I’m definitely going to read more of Caroline B. Cooney’s books.

Teen Reviewer SHAELI: Loves to play basketball, draw, read, and hang out with friends and family. Hopes to play professional basketball and/or be an artist when she grows up.
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  1. What a great summary — made me want to read this. I had to look twice to make sure that Shaeli really wrote that herself! Sounded like the back of the book….Great job!