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This weekend, I had the opportunity to try out an iPad. I can’t tell you how excited I was. I’m a total Mac geek. I love my MacBook and my iPods (yes, I have multiple iPods. Don’t you? Kidding.) and I’ve been lusting after an iPad since they came out. Plus, I haven’t been able to download any NetGalley ARCs to my Kindle in ages due to the PDF issues they’re having and haven’t yet resolved (darn it all!). So, when this chance came along, I jumped at it. 

After figuring out the basics and looking at the possible applications in the classroom setting (there are plenty but when choosing between an iPad and a laptop, I’m going with the laptop), which is the whole reason I had my hot little hands on this pretty piece of technology, it was time to play.

First thing I did was download a free version of Angry Birds. I had to know what all the fuss was. And it was fun, I’ll give you that, but I think I like Bejewelled better. Stupid birds who don’t want to fly where I want them to. Stupid pigs who grunt with laughter when I can’t topple poorly built scaffolding onto them and kill them.

Then I figured out how to read NetGalley ARCs on the iPad. And proceeded to read two books this weekend. Sure, it was pretty but by the time I finished the second book, my eyes hurt from the glare. And I’m not talking about a sunshine glare. I’m talking about the ambient computer light glare. It’s like reading a book on the computer, something I don’t do a ton of because it hurts my eyes to focus too much on the screen and gives me a wicked headache. I stare at a computer too much anyway (what, with the blogging, reading of blogs, tweeting, and so on) and don’t need another reason to do it. 

All in all, I like my Kindle better.

Wow. Never thought I’d say that, considering the amount of lust I had for an iPad but I do. The Kindle’s lighter, so it’s easier to hold for long periods of time. It’s a better size and more comfortable to snuggle up with. And, most of all, it doesn’t hurt my eyes.

I haven’t tried out a Nook/Nook Color yet and don’t know if it’s more like a Kindle (easier on the eyes) or like an iPad (bright and colorful). Anyone out there have a Nook who can speak to this?

Now, I’m not saying I’ll never get an iPad (or a tablet of any kind, for that matter). It’s gorgeous, especially when playing games and watching shows/Netflix. The keyboard isn’t too difficult to use, though flipping back and forth between keyboards can be a bit annoying. The internet’s a bit tedious to use but, again, not that bad. I’m sure there are a million other lovely little things I can do with it that I haven’t had time to figure out.

But when it comes to reading e-books, I think I’m going to stick with my Kindle. What about you? Any opinions?

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  1. I want an iPad, but the glare was a factor that worried me. Reading on my iPhone bugs me, but my hubby says it was because of the screen size. I know it is the glare giving me a headache. I do have a Kindle which my puppy damaged by knocking it off my desk, and an unreliable Sony reader. I was debating upgrading to the Nook color or iPad soon.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. The iPad seems super, super cool, but I wouldn’t use it for eBooks. It’s like you said — too hard on the eyes. That’s why I never read eBooks at all before I got my Kobo.

    I imagine the Nook would be just like the Kindle, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc… anything with eInk would likely be good. But I would never get the Nook Color (even though it’s pretty!) because of the fact that it’s just like a tiny tablet… no eInk = no good for a reader, IMO.

  3. Thanks for all the input, a friend of mine is trying to convince me to get an ipad.

    But I dunno, I guess I might just save up for a kindle or other e.reader instead.

    Though I don’t mind reading books in the computer, it’s were I read my egalleys anyway.

  4. For reading ebook style I use my Nook, NookColor or my iphone. I like to have options! LOL! I love the Nook Color for night time reading and my Nook for everything in between when i don’t want to carry around a book. Which chances are I will ruin it.

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