A Perfect Reading Afternoon

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I just finished an awesome book today. Read it from cover to cover in one sitting (well, except for getting up to get something to drink and to feed the dogs). Read it on my porch, which is my favorite place to be when the weather is perfect. (It was RIVER MARKED by Patricia Briggs, if you’re interested. When I’m not reading YA, I’m devouring Urban Fantasy like the Mercedes Thompson series. Love that Mercy and her gorgeous Alpha, Adam.)

Part of my porch and the kids with fur.

To me, there’s just nothing better than having the time to sit down and read an entire, fabulous book. Of course, that opportunity doesn’t come along often and, many times, we have to go out of our way to make it happen. I took a quarter day (yes, we don’t just get to leave early from school, we actually have to request a quarter personal day…it’s a little nuts but welcome to the world of education.). Anyway, I took a quarter day just so I could run a couple of errands and have some uninterrupted day time left over to take advantage of my screened porch and the completely gorgeous weather we’re having. It was bliss. And exactly what I needed to recover from, quite frankly, a week from hell. (I just looked on the calendar and read that tomorrow’s a full moon. Yep. That plus the Spring weather explains why the kids were hanging from the rafters.)

Next week will most likely be little different than this week. We have the first round of state-mandated testing (writing, in which my students have to write a comprehensive essay one day and take a multiple choice test on writing the next. Yahoo.) next week so, in an effort to both save my sanity and get more teen reviews into the world, I’m designating next week as TEEN REVIEW WEEK! *trumpets and clashing cymbals* Every day next week, there will be a review written for this blog by one of my many teen reviewers. These are books that they picked from the library, bought, or chose off my classroom shelf. I had nothing to do with their selections, which makes them randomly delicious. 

I hope you enjoy next week’s reviews. If you get a chance, please leave them a few words of encouragement! They can’t hardly believe that random people (that’d be you, fellow book lovers!) read their reviews and want to comment on something they wrote. And, while they can read the comments at school, they can’t comment back because of our district’s crazy firewall (blocking them from all things “bad” *cue scary music*). But please know they do read the comments and LOVE them!

And, of course, if you have any suggestions for more reading material that they might enjoy PLEASE pass that info on to them. Anything we can do to encourage these kids to read is HUGE and greatly appreciated!!

Oh, by the way, there are several lovely upcoming contests for some great books so don’t go anywhere! (Yes, I know I’ve been incredibly slack and I do apologize. Second semester just about kills me with all the stuff we have to do, yanno, besides teaching.)

As always, you all rock! 
Here’s to a perfect day, 
an excellent book and 
happy reading.

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  1. Ahhh, I love those kinds of reading days! I’m taking a few days off from work after next week (five days off, but that includes my normal two-day weekend, yay!), and one thing I can’t wait to do is curl up in my bed with a glass of ice water and a good book, which I definitely plan on reading in one sitting.