Teen Review: TAKEN by Edward Bloor

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Final Grade: 97/A
YA Dystopian
272 pages
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BY 2035 THE RICH have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and kidnapping has become a major growth industry in the United States. The children of privilege live in secure, gated communities and are escorted to and from school by armed guards.

But the security around Charity Meyers has broken down. On New Year’s morning, she wakes and finds herself alone, strapped to a stretcher, in an ambulance that’s not moving. She is amazingly calm – kids in her neighborhood have been well trained in kidnapping protocol. If this were a normal kidnapping, Charity would be fine. But as the hours of her imprisonment tick by, Charity realizes there is nothing normal about what’s going on here. No training could prepare her for what her kidnappers really want . . . and worse, for who they turn out to be. –from Goodreads.com

Trevor’s Thoughts: The book was great, and I give it a grade of 97/A because it kept me in suspense throughout the story. My favorite part was when Charity went to talk to Victoria. She showed real courage trusting Victoria not to tell Mickie that she’d changed her name and her looks.
I didn’t really like when Charity figures out who really kidnapped her. That knowledge had to cut deep, especially since she thought her dad was dead. Charity was my favorite character because she showed great courage and pride during her kidnapping.
Her father, on the other hand, I didn’t like. He could have at least told her about the planned kidnapping and told her why he wanted to do it. She probably would have gone along with the plan because she loved and trusted him. But her father didn’t bring her into the plan because he wanted to scare her to make it look real. Now, what kind of father does that make him?
TREVOR: loves tennis, video games and hanging out with my friends and brother; want to be an accountant or attorney when I grow up.

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  1. Anonymous

    well i feel retarded i though it was a guy all the way through the book but guess not good thing i read this before my report

  2. Anonymous

    OMG i read this book, and it was amazing. I usually don’t enjoy reading and i am like a freakishly slow reader. But, when I read this I couldn’t put the book down. I finished reading it in 1 day. It would usually take me like a week cuz i procrastinate. But it was the best book i have ever read